Parents Confused, Outraged When Man In Drag Performs At Elementary School Talent Show

It’s said that there’s a time and a place for everything, and every once in a while we are blessed with a perfect example of why that’s the case. For example, an elementary school talent show may not be the most appropriate place for a performance by a man dressed in drag.

While few would question that thought, the folks that organized the New York City public school Learning Expo didn’t see anything wrong with it at all. In fact, the performance was delivered by the Public School 96 Parent Association President.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, parents were left thoroughly confused by the performance, and some walked away completely outraged. The performance was captured on video, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

The performer, Frankie Quinones, delivered a lip-sync performance while dressed in women’s clothing. This wasn’t a case of a guy dressing up in a dress for laughs either, as it’s reported that the man performs at drag clubs across the Big Apple.

For his performance at the school, he was wearing a see-through black dress complete with skimpy black underwear and a red wig.

Raquel Morales is a parent of a fifth-grade boy in the district, and she was among those that walked away from the performance pretty ticked off.

“People were horrified. It looked like a nightclub performance,” she said.

Another parent noted that Quinones “started sticking his tongue out. I had my children with me and I wasn’t going to allow them to see that.”

According to the school, the performance was geared towards promoting tolerance. That’s a noble goal, but there are far better ways to teach that to young children than to expose them to something they may not be able to process.

This wasn’t a surprise performance either, as Morales notes it was planned for some time.

“They knew since December this performance was going to happen,” she said. “If they wanted to bring about awareness, then they had enough time to make sure that the awareness was done in a proper way for the proper audience.”

That’s a perfectly fair point, and Morales is at a loss for why the school thought that this was somehow a good idea.

“What made you in your head think that was appropriate for elementary school students?” she said.

Teaching and promoting tolerance is not a bad thing, as children should be taught to respect others regardless of race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation or political viewpoint. That being said, blatantly throwing something in their face is not the way to go about it, regardless of which topic you are trying to promote more tolerance about.

An informative chat that allows for a healthy dose of questions and answers may be all that’s needed to get the ball rolling to promote more tolerance, as kids are bound to have a ton of questions about issues they may not be familiar with. Trying to force them to comprehend something they may not even be aware of is downright unnecessary for elementary school students, and parents in the district have every right to be upset.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube Screenshots, WNBC-TV

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