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Salvation Army Workers Discover Sick Pics Amongst Donations

As with all employees of the charitable organization, Salvation Army workers in Grove City, Ohio have their hands full at times with all of the donations to sort through. According to MadWorldNews, one of their recent donations was so overwhelming that they had to contact the authorities.

The workers were going about their normal routine when they came across a plastic tote stuffed with donations. When they began to sort through it, they found a disturbing set of pictures that left them with little choice but to contact police.

The tote contained a collection of Polaroids that showed a man sexually abusing a child, and additional photos of a man violating what appeared to be an 18-month-old baby girl. Police quickly responded and investigated the contents, and lo and behold came across a prescription bottle with a man’s name and address on it.

Police would find the man, Gary Sovie, who immediately came clean.

“I am a sick person. That was me. Just put a bullet in my head,” Sovie reportedly said.

He has since been charged and is being held on bond. As the story continued to unfold, it was discovered that the man had been convicted of molesting a child back in the 1980’s.