Ron Goldman's Father Is Still Demanding O.J. Simpson Pay Him $70 Million

Fred Goldman, the father of Ron Goldman, continues to hound O.J. Simpson, demanding the former sports hero pay the money he was awarded in a civil trial more than 23 years ago.

Simpson's lawyer says the grieving father can't let go because he's still having a hard time dealing with his loss. Goldman has a different opinion; the award represents justice to him.

O.J. Simpson might have been acquitted of the murders of Ron Goldman and his Simpson's estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, in 1995. But over a year later, in a civil suit, O.J. was found liable for the wrongful deaths of Ron Goldman and Brown, and ordered to pay $33.5 million. Because of O.J.'s failure to pay, that amount has become $70 million.

Ron's father, Fred Goldman, vows that he's not going to stop hounding the person who he refers to as 'the killer'. Simpson recently made some money signing autographs, which was to raise money to pay his legal fees, says a spokesperson.

Mr. Goldman filed a request to seize it. A judge denied the request.

“We’ll continue to pursue it. We’ve being doing it for 22 years and we will do it for the next 122 years if we have to,” he said in a recent interview with the Daily News.  

Simpson's attorney, Ronald P. Slates, says that O.J. offered the Goldman family $5 million 'from the very beginning'. He also claims that 21 years ago, Simpson offered to give up 25 percent of his earnings to the Goldman family.

He claims Fred Goldman turned down the offers.

Slates says what the Goldman family really wants — and end to their grief — is not possible. "They live with the loss … and anyone who sees their children die before they do, the loss of a child can be very consuming," the attorney said to Radar.

"Fred rejects, as many people do, what’s called ‘closure.’ Closure for anybody who has lost a child is an obscene word," the attorney concluded.

According to Goldman, this isn't about closure; it's about justice. In his eyes, Simpson killed his son. He wants Simpson to suffer the consequences.

"We didn’t, as far as I’m concerned, receive justice in the criminal trial, but we got a jury to acknowledge he’s responsible in a civil trial. We were awarded, as punishment, $34 million. If we don’t pursue the judgment, we’re not pursuing justice. It’s our only way to pursue justice," Goldman said.

"This thing eats and breathes and lives, and O.J. is still in denial about it," said David Cook, Goldman's attorney. "Some money is better than no money."

Simpson, now 71, recently was released after serving nine years for robbing memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas in 2007.

In 2008, he attempted to use his celebrity to raise money by working with a ghostwriter to pen a book entitled, "If I Did It." The book was touted a fictional account of how Simpson would have gone about the murder, if he had committed it.

Simpson describes the murders as if he were a third person watching it happen.

Goldman won the rights to the book and changed the title to, "If I Did It: Confessions of The Killer."   

Source: InTouch Weekly
Photo: YouTube

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