Rise In Migrant Sexual Assaults In Germany Sparked New Product: Women's Pants With Built-In Alarm

A chastity belt is so 1517, so German women are upgrading to a new, modern version. Women can now purchase pants in Germany that come equipped with a loud panic alarm system.

The idea was inspired by the alarming rise in women getting attacked by immigrants.

In 2015, some one million unvetted refugees flooded into Germany, and more asylum-seekers have continued to trickle in ever since German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders. The Chancellor refuses to put a limit on how many immigrants the country will accept, and it's sparked much controversy and lost her a large chunk of conservative voters.

Sadly, many German women have had to pay the price for the Chancellor's refugee policy. The country is facing a rape crisis. Since the floodgate has been open, there have been thousands of sex crimes per year perpetuated against women.

On New Year's Eve in 2016 alone, one report said that 1,200 women reported being sexually assaulted by migrants.

What's even more disturbing is that the German government has been accused of underreporting the actual rate of sex crimes perpetuated by migrants. Police are discouraged from listing attackers as migrants or refugees when filling out reports and the media is urged not to show pictures of alleged attackers.

There have been very few prosecutions for perpetrators of sex crimes, so many of the suspects are still at large.

This year, German police are urging women to be more careful. On New Year's Eve, they dedicated safety zones with much higher security and advised women to stay within those zones.

They're asking joggers to stay alert and stay a safe distance from other people on their route.

"And then in a few years: 'Just stop [going] outside'," commented one sarcastic person in response to the Twitter public service warning.

A German manufacturer has now introduced 'anti-rape' pants and underwear. The garments come with a material that doesn't tear and is difficult to cut.

There's a lock that prevents the pants from being yanked down. If it is yanked, a wire will trigger a loud panic alarm that could send would-be attackers fleeing.

There’s a combination lock on the device so that women can activate and deactivate it as well. It’s being touted as a ‘modern chastity belt’.

"Scarcely a day passes without headlines of sexual assaults. Only recently, a father in Kleve could barely prevent an attempted rape of his daughter," reads an advertisement for the pants.

"Brand new on the market of deterrence: underpants with a number lock."

"I think the idea is good. One never knows what is going on in these heads of the perpetrators," said one commenter.

"Yet honestly, it is actually bad that one had to invent such a doubtlessly well-intentioned thing."

"What if the women are directly threatened with weapons and forced to open the lock if the perpetrators do not succeed?" said another.

With the rise of rape, it’s not surprising that there has also been a rise of anti-rape devices and products. Nothing is really a good substitute for authorities to get a handle on the problem and protect the citizens of the nation, though.

Hopefully the German government will stop denying that there is a problem and start dealing with it.

Source: Gateway Pundit, Voice of Europe
Photo: Mad World News, Voice of Europe/Twitter

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