Restaurant Patron's Verbal Assault Of Muslim High School Students Captured On Video

As anyone who goes out in public on a regular basis can attest to, ugly incidents are not a new phenomenon. Some people just don’t know how to act or control themselves, and that can lead to some incredibly unfortunate incidents that leave others walking away shaking their heads.

While those incidents are disturbing enough in their own right, there are other incidents that cross the line in unfathomable ways. This is one of those incidents, and it all stemmed from a Muslim high school student going out for a bite to eat with some of her friends.

The student and her friends weren’t any trouble at all, but another patron at the restaurant was. An unidentified man apparently felt the need to make a complete fool of himself, all while exposing the fact that he has deep-seated racial hatred stewing inside of him.

As Yahoo shares, one of the students shot a video of the encounter, and it teeters on the unbelievable side.

The video wound up on social media, and the student that was being harassed was tracked down for comments. Sawin Osman explained what happened, and it was an incredibly ugly incident that no one should have to be subjected to.

“We were walking past him on our way out of the restaurant. He yelled, ‘That girl could break a camel’s back,’ We stopped and said, ‘Excuse me, sir, what did you just say?’” she said. “You can go and beat it. If you don’t like this country, leave,” the man said.

Osman didn’t let the comment go, and she spoke up for herself. The back and forth continued from that point, and it looked like it was about to get even more disturbing.

“It’s our home too. What do you mean leave?” Osman said.

“I just said she’s a big one. What’s the problem? Yeah, anything else?” the man replied.

Osman and her friends went to leave at that point, as it looked like it was about to take a physical turn.

“F***ing goddamn, camel-jacking mother f***ing c***s,” the man said.

The restaurant is aware of the incident, but there’s no suggestion that they are responsible for the neanderthal’s behavior. Osman’s mother, Catherine Bronson, is a professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Notre Dame, and she offered up some thoughts on the unfortunate situation.

“We live in a very charged climate. I think the furor at the presidential level has sort of exacerbated this feeling and given a platform for those who might not have spoken out so aggressively,” she said.

Bronson is entitled to her take, but the man that unleashed the verbal assault is the one responsible for his actions. That being said, this was an ugly incident that was completely beyond anything Osman and her friends should have had to deal with.

“It’s honestly very terrible and disgusting, especially the comment, ‘If you don’t like it, then just leave.’ I mean I was born here. I was raised here. Leave to where?” Osman said. “Just because we have the headscarf on doesn’t mean we’re not from here.”

Source: Yahoo
Photos: CBS Screenshot, YouTube Screenshots, Google Maps

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