Restaurant Claims They Caught Evidence Of Haunting On Video Camera

One bar and restaurant in California claims they have plenty of spirits, and not all of them in bottles. The owner says that on two separate occasions recently, their security cameras caught evidence of a possible haunting. No one can explain the seemingly supernatural events.

The first incident took place at night when Cronies Bar and Restaurant was closed. A video camera captured a quiet scene, then a bar stool moved and fell over without anyone around. At least, no one living.

Restaurant owners posted the film clip to Facebook and got a lot of responses. Many of those responses came from skeptics who said it was easy to fake a haunting with a chair falling over. A little bit of invisible fishing line and someone off-camera giving a tug is all you need.

Soon after, another incident occurred, but this time it was in the middle of the day when customers were sitting around. An empty chair tilted back all by itself, then fell back down into place.

Customers at a nearby table noticed the moving chair and seemed baffled. One woman even got up to inspect the chair.

"Remember last week when I said the place was haunted and the chair fell? Well it happened again, during the day, and a customer told us about it," the owner said in a video. He then shows the footage that was captured on the security camera.

"Watch the family; the family moves too, they saw it," he says. "I'm telling you, Cronies Ventura is haunted."

“For this to happen it’s pretty creepy,” said owner Dave Foldes to a local news station. He continued, “It’s just really weird. We’ve been here 27 years, nothing weird like this has ever happened.”

The bar and restaurant has been around for a long time, and many photos on the wall show old-time employees who are not with us any longer. The owners suspect that it may be the original members of the crew, Ralph and Don.

Ralph and Don both died about 25 years ago, but they may still be around the place they spent so much of their time.

The staff at Cronies insists, though, that whoever the otherworldly visitors might be, they're definitely friendly ghosts. They’re encouraging skeptics to come into the sports bar for a drink or a meal and find out for themselves.

Cronies wouldn't be the first haunted restaurant. Residents of New Orleans will tell you that Brennan’s, an old, famous eatery, has been haunted for decades by a very dedicated chef who passed away in 1977.

In Charleston, South Carolina, the restaurant 'Poogan's Porch' is allegedly haunted by a woman in black. She is believed to be the ghost of a woman who owned the house about 100 years ago. Reports say she was a recluse and after her sister, her only friend, passed away, the woman went insane.

In the heart of Manhattan, a tragic murder that took place has left one restaurant haunted. A woman was murdered by her fiancé in 1799, and he threw her body into a well. The restaurant, which sadly is no longer in operation, was built on top of that well.

According to the former owner, however, strange things were always happening. Sometimes wine bottles would fly off shelves for no reason.

Source: AOL, Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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