Refugee Made Boyfriend Watch, Woman Raped Before Refugee Was To Leave

A Ghanaian refugee in Germany was seeking asylum, and was informed that his application was rejected and he was going to be deported. He filed an appeal, but knew that it was a lost cause because he had snuck into the country illegally. Days later, he approached a couple with a machete-like tree saw, raped the woman and forced her boyfriend to watch.

The 31-year-old man's name is not being released, but reports say he got word from German authorities that he would be deported just days before the attack. He arrived in Germany from Italy, where Italian authorities had rejected his application for asylum.

In Italy, after the rejection, he fled to Germany to escape deportation.

So far, no details about why he was rejected have been made public.

The man crept up on a couple who were tent camping at a nature preserve wielding a large, sharp cutting implement that was like a machete. He demanded the 23-year-old female come out of the tent, and when she did, eh raped her. Her boyfriend, stuck in the tent, was forced to watch in horror.

A public outcry over the incident ensued. Many are questioning why the man had not been immediately deported or at least taken into custody after he was first denied asylum. He did sneak into the country illegally, and many argue he should have never been left to go free.

The man has now been arrested and brought into investigative custody. According to police, much evidence was found at the scene of the crime to connect him to the rape. "As well as from the rape, we found a lot of DNA samples at the crime scene, which are clearly from the arrested man," said Robert Scholten, a spokesperson for the Bonn police.

While many still sympathize with refugees fleeing war-torn nations, there is a lot of general fear about criminals who might slip through the cracks.

Source: Metro
Photo: CEN

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