Elderly Woman Discovers What Restaurant Did To Her

A lawsuit is making the rounds and raising plenty of eyebrows.

Marlene Spencer, an 82-year-old woman from Texas, is suing Red Lobster, a popular chain of seafood restaurants, for over-serving her alcoholic drinks.

Ms. Spencer’s last visit to Red Lobster ended with the elderly woman – who consumed multiple alcoholic beverages over dinner – falling over and breaking her hip.

Now, Ms. Spencer has filed her lawsuit with the Harris County Court and the Daily Mail has revealed that she is targeting a Red Lobster restaurant on Bay Area Boulevard.

A copy of Ms. Spencer’s lawsuit reveals that the elderly Texas woman recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.31 – a level that is almost four times Texas’ legal driving limit. The reading was taken when Ms. Spencer – who only weighs 113 pounds – left the restaurant to travel back to a nearby assisted living facility.

However, as Ms. Spencer left the restaurant and walked out into the Red Lobster carpark, the night took a horrifying turn. Onlookers witnessed the moment Ms. Spencer toppled over after drunkenly losing her balance.

According to Chron.com, the hard fall left the octogenarian with a broken arm and broken right hip.

Onlookers immediately dialed 9-11 and Ms. Spencer was quickly transferred to Clear Lake Regional Hospital. Not long after arriving, Ms. Spencer was scheduled for a hip replacement.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Spencer’s lawsuit clearly states that the elderly woman’s daughter, who remains unnamed, approached Red Lobster serving staff at the start of the night and asked them not to give her mother too much alcohol.

The lawsuit reads: “This was an ongoing problem that Ms Spencer’s daughter tried to quell, but to no avail. This has been a recurring problem with multiple Brookdale residents.”

However, despite the dubious serving practices at the Red Lobster Ms. Spencer visited, online commenters are not wholly convinced by the course-of-events relayed in the 82-year-old woman’s lawsuit.

“A 113-lb, 80-something year old woman had a BAC of 0.31 and was able to get up and walk out of the restaurant? Yeah okay. Nothing wrong with her story,” wrote ‘JadedinPhilly’ on the Daily Mail.

This view was supported by the following sarcastic remark from ‘Truth in Rock’: “How many drinks does it take to get a 113 pound 82 year old woman drunk? At that age they are prone to falling and breaking their hips without alcohol. So they sue Red Lobster for serving her. If they cut her off from the alcohol they would sue over that as well.”

However, some online commenters remain confident that Ms. Spencer’s lawsuit is both reasonable and has a high chance of success.

“She will get a large settlement, no question about it. Over-serving laws are very clear, an a lot of legal precedent is already established. The establishment previously being asked to not over serve her is the icing on the cake,” wrote ‘Sizzurp For Breakfast’.

So what do you think? Is Ms. Spencer liable for her own alcohol consumption or did Red Lobster servers cross the line?

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Google

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