Wife Of Principal Who Shot Himself Sent Disturbing Messages To His Mistress

Officials at Kirbyville High School in Texas have described this story as “fodder for a soap opera serial,” and that sounds like a perfectly accurate assessment. Principal Dennis Reeves was asked to resign from his position after an affair with his former secretary was exposed.

He did not take that well at all, and he promptly committed suicide in the school parking lot. That’s more than enough for a few episodes of a soap opera, but there’s a whole lot more to this twisted tale.

As the Daily Mail shares, court documents reveal that the principal’s wife, Tammy Reeves, has sent a number of abusive text messages to the mistress, Marcia Morgan.

“He told me everything today. You are a lying piece of trash... Do your children know what their mother did?” read one message.

“You realize you're still alive only because I can't afford a hitman, right?” read another.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Tammy would also describe Morgan as the “secretary” who had been “f****** my husband.”

Morgan would eventually meet with assistant superintendent Georgia Sayers to admit the affair, and she also “expressed concern about the social media harassment from Mrs. Reeves and described her concerns about workplace harassment from Mr. Reeves.”

Court documents indicate that Dennis was summoned for a meeting from that point.

“Reeves was presented with the certainty of an administrative investigation and was informed that he would be administratively suspended for three days pending the investigation,” the documents read in part.

“Reeves was offered the opportunity to resolve the situation with his reputation intact by resigning. Forced with two unpleasant alternatives, Reeves tendered his resignation in lieu of an investigation into his conduct.”

He would tell school officials “I'm not good, I'm not good” prior to exiting the building. Once he was in the parking lot, he shot himself in the head. School officials noted that they had hoped to “protect the reputation of Dennis Reeves and his family” following the shocking events, but things unfolded in such a way that the whole situation “snowballed into media allegations of deception.”

Tammy has petitioned Jefferson County Court for access to all documents relating to the case, and she has asked the school for permission to retrieve her husband’s personal belongings and his letter of resignation. She has also requested Morgan’s written statements.

Subsequent motions filed by the school note that “the facts in issue are the fodder for a soap opera serial, not a cause of action in a court of law.”

You think? You can only imagine what it must be like in the surrounding community right about now, as you can be certain that this shocking case has opened up the floodgates of gossip.

It’s probably safe to say that even more sordid details will come to light at some point, but hopefully the principal’s family will get some peace at some point.

It’s unclear what kind of legal trouble the wife may be facing for her threatening messages towards the mistress.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Dennis Reeves/Facebook, Marcia Morgan/Facebook

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