Popular Hair Product Has Been Linked To Hair Loss - FDA Issues A Warning

All hair conditioners are not alike. A 10-year-old girl named Eliana Lawrence had gorgeous, curly red hair until she tried a new kind of hair conditioner.

Unfortunately, it seems Eliana had this terrible experience with a "safe" and "all-natural" product.

According to Eliana’s mom, the very first time she combed out Eliana's hair after using a new conditioner, almost a third of it came out. Her mom is also certain that Wen Hair Care cleansing conditioner did the damage. Eliana's hair began falling out after coming in contact with the product, and she literally lost all of her after only three applications of the conditioner.

Keep in mind that numerous complaints of hair loss after using Wen Hair Care products have been filed with government agencies and consumer watchdog groups. The Food and Drug Administration has received 127 consumer complaints against Wen as of mid 2016.

Of note, Wen's parent company has also admitted that it has gotten more than 21,000 customer complaints about its products.

However, the federal FDA can only put out a warning about the number of reports received that this hair care product has led to hair loss, balding and rashes. Unfortunately, the FDA cannot recall personal care products as the government agency actually has minimal legal authority over the cosmetics and cleansing products industry.

Source: Health Eternally
Photo: Health Eternally

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