Police Suspect Mom Who Wrote 'Thug Life' On Her Baby Boy May Have Killed Him

A single mother rushed her baby boy to the hospital in New Mexico just before Thanksgiving, claiming that she found her son in his crib, unconscious. The child was found to have several serious injuries and passed away.

Police suspect the mother of child abuse. In reviewing the contents of her phone, it was found she wrote 'thug life' and other things on her child with a Sharpie marker.

Ares Baroz, an 18-month-old baby, died the day before Thanksgiving, according to reports. His 27-year-old mother, Miranda Rabago, rushed him into the emergency room claiming she found him unresponsive.

She says her son was fine when they woke up in the morning and fell asleep for a nap around noon. She moved him to his crib, and he slept for most of the afternoon.

Rabago, who is pregnant, also took a nap. When she woke up and went to check on Ares, he wouldn't move or wake up.

Medical examiners found the boy had fractures on his skull, legs and shoulder. He had a brain bleed and was showing signs of 'black brain', which normally comes from shaking a baby.

The cartilage in both his ears was broken and the boy had bruises all over his body.

The baby was transferred from Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque. Two days after he was brought to the hospital, Ares died.

Medical examiners believe the injuries occurred over a period of time, and not all at once. In general, in addition to the injuries, the baby was malnourished and didn't appear to be well cared for.

The hospital staff reported the suspected abuse to authorities. Authorities also suspect abuse, but Rebago denies ever hurting her son.

Police began investigating the mother, who was the baby's only caretaker. They searched the mother's apartment and found Ares' sippy cup with rotten milk in his crib.

They also found blood on the baby's pillow. The police found marijuana pipes in the living room next to a mattress.

Upon looking through the mother's cellphone, photos show the mother had decorated her son with a black marker. Across his stomach she wrote 'thug life', and she gave him a fake tattoo on his forehead that read 'loco'.

It's unclear when the photos were taken, or if the baby had the words written on him at the hospital.

Rabago's attorney warns people not to assume the pictures mean anything. "It's difficult to look at something like that and think the worst about that kind of picture, especially in the context of what we know so far," he said.

"I just want to caution everybody into thinking that there's something to that evidence, when we haven't gotten everything yet to see the whole picture, the whole story about what led to Ares's death."

The prosecutor says the photos demonstrate how the mother treated the child. She pleaded not guilty to charges, but if convicted she could face up to $20,000 in fines and 21 years in jail.

Rabago has two other children, but they live in Colorado with her parents. She is divorced from Ares' father, Brandon Baroz, who is currently serving time in a corrections facility in Colorado.

Source: Daily Mail, Washington Post
Photo: Facebook, Santa Fe County Jail

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