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Police Responded to 911 Call, And Then Things Got Heated-- In A Dance-Off

Los Angeles police officers were just doing their job on Monday, responding to a 911 call that was called in. It turned out that the 911 call was a mistake, but when the officers arrived they found some kids hanging out and enjoying their summer. One cop jumped in for a dance-off with a young boy. Unfortunately for the officer, the kid's moves were too smooth.

LA County Sheriff's posted a short video of Deputy Vic Ekanem in a dance-off with the young boy. The officer struggled to keep up with the young man, who was a really good dancer, but both were fun to watch.

Once they switched to 'the floss', it became clear that the officer lost. But the day was not lost, and social media declared it a win for the LASD when people came on to praise the cop for cutting loose with the young man.

"There is no typical day on patrol at #LASD," read the post. "Accidental 911 call ends in a #dancechallenge after deputies take extra minutes to make sure kids were ok. Keeping Kids Safe in our Communities because they are our future."

"Considering the officers carrying 40-plus pounds of equipment he moves pretty good," one person noted.

"We agree!" the LA County Sheriff's department responded.

"Sorry but that kid killed you with his flossing....he wins," another person responded.

"Hire more diverse cops and make sure they patrol those diverse population and make contacts like these maybe then we can have less incidents of unnecessary force," suggested another person.

"Thank you! Kids are our future and because of the kindness you showed them today, I am sure that there is probably a future #LASD doing a dance off with one of their new heroes," another citizen wrote.

Cops and kids having dance-offs is becoming something of a phenomenon on social media. You don't have to search very hard on YouTube to find clips of local kids and cops in neighborhoods across the nation having some fun together blowing off a little steam by dancing.

In Nashville, NC, a young man named Jason challenged a cop to a 'Running Man' contest. The video went viral and the cop had some impressive moves.

In Chattanooga, TN, Police Officer Michael Ampthor showed up to patrol a community Easter Egg Hunt, and jumped in for a dance.

In Sanford, Florida, a police woman got out of her cruiser to start dancing with a group of kids on the sidewalk.

Some police departments are even breaking out their moves on their own time, creating videos for social media. A group of officers in Georgia lip-synched to 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars. In Texas, police departments had a video battle for 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', and the videos are hysterical.

Maybe communities could solve a lot of problems between local law enforcement and citizens by holding more dance socials. It seems to be a great way to break the ice. Police get to know people in the community, while community members start seeing police as more than just a faceless uniform, but as members of the community.

And if dance socials aren’t possible, maybe the cops can invite locals to participate in their latest videos.
Source: NY Post
Photos: Wikimedia Commons/ Tony Hisgett, YouTube

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