Police Find Dead Body in Elderly Woman's Shopping Cart, Launch Investigation

Chicago police have seen a lot of crazy stuff, but it seems like there is always new surprises in store for them. Yesterday, officers were shocked when they spotted one woman pushing around a shopping cart.

Inside the cart was a dead body. The police are investigating, and few details have been released.

According to reports, police were dispatched to the scene on Saturday evening around 8 p.m. A passerby said they spotted an elderly woman wandering around in the streets pushing a shopping cart, and it looked like the body of a man was in the cart.

Police arrived in the Chatham neighborhood and found the woman. There was indeed a body in her cart. It was the body of a dead African-American woman.

There was no identification on the body and police have not speculated on a cause of death yet. They have launched an investigation and it is ongoing.

Officers are not currently identifying the woman pushing the wagon, either, but they have described her as 'elderly'.

It's unclear now how the elderly woman came to have a dead body in her shopping cart or why she was wandering around with it. Police brought the elderly woman to the hospital for a well check.

At this point, no further details have been released.

You might think finding a dead body in a shopping cart is strange, but it has actually happened before. In 2014, Seattle police got a call from witnesses who spotted someone pushing around a shopping cart with what appeared to be a dead body in it. Upon investigation, officers found a homicide victim in the cart.

The homeless man who had been pushing the cart ran off when police approached. The discovery led to the arrest of a person who was an acquaintance of the victim.

Last April, the body of a murdered woman was found in a shopping cart in the Bronx, New York City. The body was discovered by two people who were rummaging around in trash and alleys collecting bottles.

In this case, the woman’s body had been dismembered and had been packed into a pull-cart used for hauling groceries home. A man was arrested for the murder of the 27-year-old victim after police reviewed local surveillance videos in the area and found images of the man pushing the cart and dumping it in the alley.

In Baltimore this past July, some city workers were cleaning an alley when they came across a shopping cart. Something large was inside with a blanket on top of it, and there were rocks holding the blanket down.

When they removed the rocks and blanket, they found the body of a man. Police launched an investigation and ordered an autopsy to try and determine the cause of death.

A shopping cart seems to be a convenient way for criminals to transport bodies in a pinch, if they should not be able to find a suitable car. In Pennsylvania, a man who murdered his friend for making sexual advances at him got rid of the body by transporting it in a shopping cart.

He covered it with blankets and walked it through the streets, dumping it in an abandoned house.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Fox 40, Gig Baton Rouge, WGNTV

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