Drunk Man Stars In Viral Selfie - Taken Home And Tucked In By Police

A man in Tasmania went out Sunday night and started bar hopping. Apparently, he had a lot to drink. He doesn't remember much about the events of the evening as they went on, but he was surprised that he woke up safe and snug in his own bed.

He wondered how on earth he got there, and then he found the evidence on his phone that put all the pieces together for him.

Reece Park posted a photo to Facebook of two police officers taking a selfie in the bedroom. Park was also in the photo, smiling and giving a "hang ten" hand gesture from his bed behind them.

Park writes in his caption, "So was just looking through my phone and turns out these good [expletive] took some banger selfies after they took my drunk ass home! Bloody legends.”

As it turns out, Park had gotten into a cab and passed out. This is apparently common, as many cab drivers will attest. The driver called the police for help.

“People’s friends put them in taxis thinking they’ll get home safe,” explained Officer Natalie Siggins, one of the cops in the selfie, to Yahoo News. “But unfortunately they end up like Reece, asleep in the backseat, not able to get themselves all the way home.”

Apparently, Siggins and her partner, Constable Jeremy Blyth, were the ones called to the taxi to help out. Blyth said that Park "didn’t know where he lived, he wasn’t saying much".

The officers used Park's phone to figure it out. They took him home and put the inebriated man to bed so he was safe and sound.

“Because he was a bit worse for wear, our officers took the opportunity to record the moment with a selfie in the likely event he could not remember how he got home,” Senior Sergeant Craig Fox said in the Tasmanian Police’s Facebook post.

The officers even contacted a friend of Park's to come over and stay with him. They waited patiently for the friend to arrive.

Fox says this kind of thing wouldn't be such a problem if people made a plan before they go out drinking. “Then there’s no risk to you, your family, friends or others on the road,” he explained on Facebook.

Even before you go out, you should talk with your friends about how everyone is getting home. It's always best if at least one person stays sober to drive or escort people home safely.

If you are taking a taxi, have your address written down in your pocket for the occasion. A drinking plan should also include a plan to eat something, space your drinks out, and to have a buddy around at all times.

Yahoo asked Park if, after this incident, he planned to swear off drinking. Apparently, it's not likely.

“Don’t know. I’ll soon find out, I reckon.”

Source: Yahoo News
Photos: Yahoo Screenshot, Facebook, Supplied via BuzzFeed, Sunrise Live Screenshot

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