Police Arrest Wife, Husband Wasn't Hot So She Ended His Life

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to be 100 percent sure that you’re with the right person before tying the knot. Otherwise, you could wind up like this couple. As the New York Post reports, a woman in India has been arrested for murdering her husband because he wasn’t hot enough for her.

The couple had only been married for a few weeks when the shocking incident happened. They were at their home in the Cuddalore District in the state of Tamil Nadu when an argument erupted. Reports indicate that the blushing bride pummeled her dear old hubby with a grinding stone. She would initially tell the cops that her husband was murdered by someone else, but her story quickly unraveled. The bride was arrested and charged with murder soon thereafter.

So what led this marriage to unravel so quickly? After just walking down the aisle a few weeks back, how is it possible for the temperature in the relationship to be turned up so high? Was there cheating or abuse involved? Did the husband do something so unfathomable that his wife was left with no choice but to defend herself? None of the above. The wife simply lost her marbles and killed him, and it was for an unbelievable reason.

Shortly after the couple was married, the wife’s friends remarked to her that her husband wasn’t very good looking. Apparently, that got the wife to thinking, and she determined that he was in fact not very hot at all. It appears that he didn’t live up to the standards she expected out of her husband, and she had a change of heart.

No word on whether the couple’s argument stemmed from the wife confronting her husband about his hotness or not. It’s also unclear why she didn’t make sure he checked off all the boxes before tying the knot, but she should have plenty of time to think through the answers to that question.

Source: [New York Post
Photo: India Times

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