Police Arrest Drunk Driver Then They Stop And Take A Closer Look At His Shirt

A man was arrested and faces numerous charges after he was pulled over for a DUI. A photo of the man in his shirt has people either laughing or shaking their heads.

The writing was on the wall - or at least, on the shirt - and the man should have paid attention.

Nathan Corey was pulled over by police on Saturday night after a state trooper witnessed him striking a sidewalk and breaking other traffic laws. It was almost 10 p.m. when Corey was pulled over and miserably failed a field sobriety test.

In addition to being intoxicated, troopers found Corey also had marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a 12-inch machete inside the vehicle.

He was charged with a laundry list of offenses: operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, failure to drive in the proper lane, unsafe movement from a stop position, failure to have headlights on, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and possession of weapons in a motor vehicle.

Corey is quickly rising to internet fame, however, because of a photo of the shirt he was wearing when he got arrested. The green shirt said in white writing across the chest, "Beer + Beer = Shenanigans."

The shirt comes from Shenanigans, an Irish sports bar chain, but in this 38-year-old man's case, it tells the story of his Saturday night.

Drinking and driving is never a good idea, no matter what. But it takes a special kind of bad judgement for someone to get drunk and go driving around in a car stuffed with drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons.

Corey posted $10,000 bail and was released pending a Superior Court appearance scheduled for October 3.

Internet photo galleries are full of mug shots who, like Corey, made the most unfortunate t-shirt choice for the night he was arrested. One man arrested for drunk driving in March was wearing a green t-shirt that read, "Drunk Lives Matter."

Another man was arrested for possession of methamphetamines while he was wearing a gray t-shirt that read, "Don't meth with me."

A Maine man arrested in August of 2014 for drunk driving was, ironically, wearing a t-shirt he had printed with his own face. It was a mug shot taken of him when he was arrested two months earlier.

A Florida man was arrested for vehicle burglaries in Naples. When he was caught, he was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Warning: I Do Dumb Things."

Another Florida man was arrested for marijuana possession, and he was ironically wearing a Monopoly t-shirt featuring the 'Go Directly to Jail' card print.

In January of 2016, a man was arrested for multiple charges, such as aggravated assault, criminal mischief, receiving stolen property, reckless endangerment and fleeing police. His perfectly honest t-shirt read, "Really good at making really bad decisions."

Perhaps t-shirts can be a new form of profiling for police. Some would-be lawbreakers choose slogans that are more telling than they realize.

Source: Hartford Courant, HuffPost
Photos: Connecticut State Police, 123RF Stock Photo, Crockett Police Department, Lee County Sheriff's Office

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