People Wishing This 86-Year-Old Veteran Would Die Because Of One Sick Reason

The executive producer of the New York Mets Baseball & 710AM radio show “Sports Zone with Pete McCarthy” is a New Jersey native named Joe Curci.

Curci grew up in New Jersey surrounded by generations of family.

One of nine grandkids, Curci was always very close to his cousins, whom he still considers more like brothers and sisters to this day.

He says his grandfather and grandmother have worked hard to keep the close knit family together through the years, and the bond his family has is something he believes will be his grandparents’ “legacy”.

Curci told a reporter about one of his favorite childhood memories of his grandfather:

“When I was in 5th or 6th grade he was able to come and speak to my school on Veterans Day. He's not a man of many words, but he got up there and spoke to all the kids. Just having him there — it was just such a great day.”

Curci spent a lot of time at the hospital with one of the most inspirational men in his life when his grandpa suffered his third heart attack. Luckily, just a couple of days later, his grandfather was feeling well enough to check out Facebook, where he likes to keep up with his grandkids.

While browsing around on Facebook, Curci noticed the old man watching a video of right-wing personality Tomi Lahren and decided to take a picture.

Then Curci posted the pic on Twitter and all hell broke loose.

Curci admits he thought it would be great if Lahren saw it, but was stunned when Lahren actually retweeted the photo.

However, it seems a of lot of people were not pleased to see the photo.

Curci said the “floodgates” of Twitter opened up, and he began to get dozens of nasty messages.

A few messages were supportive, but the large majority were critical of his grandfather just because he watches Tomi Lahren.

Some people were even so cruel as to wish that the old man had died at the hospital.

The lack of civil discourse in the US today is appalling.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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