People Baffled When Family Didn't Show Up For Dinner - Learn About Tragic Deaths

An entire family was found dead in their home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The parents apparently overdosed on drugs, and their five-month-old daughter died of starvation and dehydration because no one discovered the bodies for almost two weeks.

Loved ones are trying to process the senseless tragedy.

No one had heard from 19-year-old Chelsea Cardaro or 27-year-old Jason Chambers for a few days, but they assumed it was because the new parents were busy with the holiday preparations and taking care of their baby, Summer Chambers. They also had just moved to PA from New York, so it wasn't a huge surprise that they might have been too busy for chit-chat for a few days.

When the family didn't show up to the Christmas gatherings at which they were expected, people started getting worried about them. One friend went to the house to check on Cardaro and Chambers to see if anything was wrong.

The friend pounded on the door and called, but no one answered.

She finally managed to gain entrance through a window and stumbled upon the tragic scene. The family of three were dead.

Authorities are investigating, but they believe that Chambers and Cardaro died from overdosing. The body of Cardaro was found in the upstairs bathroom, while Chambers' body was found on the first floor.

Police believe they died at almost the same time.

“Had they not died within minutes of each other, we believe one would have called 911 for help for the other,” said Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan to People Magazine.

The baby's fate was even more tragic.

Little Summer was in her bassinette when her parents died, and there was no one there to take care of her. She died slowly of starvation and dehydration.

"The pathologists said a child can live a couple of days without food or milk. She was only 5 months old, so she was on her back... she had no way to move from that bassinet,” said Callihan.

Police found drug paraphernalia and heroin specimens on the premises that they believe was mixed with something even more lethal. An investigation has been launched.

Police had been to the home before over drugs. Chambers overdosed a month earlier on heroin, but survived.

At the time, Cardaro insisted that she was not a drug user. A child services employee went to inspect the home and assess the situation, but at the time determined that everything was okay, and signed off to allow the baby stay in the home.

This time, the young mother and father were very unlucky, and because of their mistake, their baby suffered a horrible death.

The neighbors never suspected anything was wrong. Because the young couple had just moved in recently, they assumed that they had gone home to visit family for the holidays.

No one checked up on the family previously because everyone seemed wrapped up in the big holiday rush, and assumed that Chambers and Cardaro were also just busy.

“It’s so sad and really illustrates just how bad the heroin epidemic is, not only here but across the country,” Callihan added.

Source: Mommy Page, People
Photo: People

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