People Venting On The Internet-- One Picture Says it All

The internet is a great place for venting your frustrations. The next time you find yourself annoyed, frustrated or completely furious, don't bottle it up, and don't call your friends to complain about it. Just snap a picture and go to social media. Most likely, you will get a lot of sympathy from people who have been there.

Totally Disrespectful

One traveler was understandably furious when he opened his luggage after it went through baggage claim. His belongings were covered with a grainy substance, and there was a 'Notice of Baggage Inspection' from the TSA. The man had been on his way to pick up his late mother's ashes, and the inspection team got into them and failed to close the lid properly.


Bad Parking

There are tons of images on the internet of people who parked badly, but this one takes the cake. Instead of just pulling into one spot, he gave himself room by stretching his vehicle out across two spots-- both were handicap spots! Where is a cop when you need one?


Bad Design

Why do so many electronic manufacturers design their plugs to be wide, causing them to overlap the next outlet on the power strip? Why do power strip manufacturers make the outlets on their strip so close together that you can't fit two plugs in side-by-side? When just about everything needs to be plugged in or charge, it seems the time has come to solve this problem.


College Textbooks

Anyone who has ever been to college knows that the college textbook industry is a rip-off. One person complained that their $275 text book wasn't even a bound book-- it was loose leaf printed papers in a binder.


For Pete's Sake, Leave the Laptop Home

Considering every phone is now a mini-computer constantly hooked up to the internet, it takes a special kind of nuisance to sit with a glowing laptop in the middle of a crowded movie theater while the film is running. If you must web browse during a movie, get a phone, and sit in the back!


Your Mailbox Is Almost Full

Did you know that when Microsoft Outlook senses that your mailbox is almost full, the program sends you an email to tell you? Did you know it will send you a copy of that email every single day, further filling up your mailbox? One Outlook user posted a screenshot noting the irony.


Express Lane

A shopper had one item and went (naturally) to the express lane. The person in front of him had 29 items. Why do people still do this?


Home Ownership Woes

Sometimes, you can only imagine the string of events that inspired signage. One person was passing a house that had a sign on the lawn that said it all. "This is no longer Adam's house," it read. "There are no drugs here. You are on camera!"

Source: Bored Panda

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