People Give Their Best Guesses At Meaning of Colors on Flags Of The World

Colors are used on flags around the world as powerful symbols. The colors of each flag are chosen as carefully as any symbol or design. Unfortunately for some nations, people might not look at the flag and see what the color was originally meant to convey. Some people took a stab at what the colors meant for these nations, and things went terribly wrong.


The bold green, white and red in the Italian flag were originally meant to convey charity, faith and hope. That's very lovely, but when people look at the flag today, they just see a big Margharita pizza recipe: basil, mozzarella, tomato. Just looking at the Italian flag can make you hungry.



Taken from nature, the blue represents the water and the white represents the wave crests that surround the islands. One joker gave a color coding that read: blue (plenty of sea), white (plenty of sun), and red (plenty of money). If you're thinking there is no red in the Greek flag, that's right.


North Korea

The red, white and blue of North Korea's flag largely stands for the country's unity. Red (aside from being anti-Japanese) represents the blood of patriots, white symbolizes the land the people share, and blue stands for the spirit of the people fighting to bring progress and world peace. Someone saw irony in this and decided what the flag was missing was more accurate.


Soviet Union

The old Soviet Union flag was mostly a field of red of communism with a yellow star, hammer and sickle. Some people thought the colors stood for the following: red (revolution); yellow (the power of the working class); blue (surviving the 20th century).



After the USSR crumble, the original flag of Russia was reinstated in 1993. There are three strips: white (purity), blue (loyalty) and red (bravery). Some noted it lacked a green strip (freedom of speech).



Some noted that the French flag lacked green, which they decided stood for 'the ability to never surrender'. Oh well; at least the flag represents the people (red) and the nobility (blue). Notice how the two are separated by a blank field of white, though.



The big, white field with a red dot in the middle seems to have been mistaken for a large target.



The U.S. flag with its stripes of red and white and field of blue are all about ideals like valor, purity and justice. Unfortunately people point out that it lacks a color that should represent 'not interfering with other countries'.


Source: Bored Panda

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