People Furious To Discover Who Stayed In Trump's Childhood Home

Trump might not be so happy when he finds out about this.

Since President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the highest office in the land, there has been more discussion about immigration making the rounds than at any other time in modern history. That’s partially due to the comments Trump made about building a border wall, but it’s also partly because immigration advocates are riding the attention train as far as it will go. While there’s undoubtedly a time and a place to have a debate about immigration and ways to make things run more smoothly, that time and place is not every single waking second.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened. What the immigration advocates fail to realize is that they have beaten the drum into oblivion, and it’s to the point that their constant cries for attention have turned into white noise. Some are picking up on that, and that’s leading them to pull stunts to draw attention to their advocacy. As the Daily Mail shares, the charity Oxfam falls into that category.

Oxfam has decided to rent out Trump’s childhood home and allow four refugees to stay there. While they’re partially doing that for altruistic reasons to legitimately help the refugees out, they’re also taking advantage of the high-profile digs to draw attention to their cause.

“We wanted to send a strong message to Trump and world leaders that they must do more to welcome refugees,” notes Shannon Scribner, acting director for the humanitarian department of Oxfam America.

Fair enough, but exactly how much more attention needs to be paid to it? There’s refugees out there that want a better life, and many folks are sympathetic to that. Unfortunately, many of them also come from countries that are on the temporary travel ban list. Until the Trump administration can get a handle on who is coming in and out of those countries, the list will remain in effect. Why is that so challenging to understand? Who in their right mind wants someone from a terror prone country to waltz right in without being properly identified?

There are undoubtedly some fantastic people out there with their sights set on coming to America to begin anew. Unfortunately, there are also some bad actors out there that wish to come in and inflict as much damage as humanly possible. Doesn’t it make sense to figure out who is who in that regard? Common sense offers up a resounding yes, but that doesn’t stop refugee advocates from tugging at the heartstrings.

“Knowing Donald Trump was here at the age of four makes me think about where I was at the age of four,” says one refugees from Yemen. “We're all kids who are raised to be productive citizens, who have all these dreams and hopes. To have someone so outspoken against my community become the president of the United States was very eye-opening and hurtful because I have invested a lot in this country.”

It’s unfortunate that she feels that way, and we sincerely hope things turn out the best for her in the long run. That said, it’s noted that she has been in the United States since she was three years old, so we’ll fancy a guess that things have been ok enough for her to remain here for so long.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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