Pedophile Found Dead In Prison Just Weeks After Being Sentenced

A 22-year-old U.K. man convicted of molesting a 5-year-old boy was found dead in his prison cell. The death comes just weeks after he was found guilty and given a 6-and-a-half-year sentence.

Police have not revealed the cause of death, but an investigation is underway.

Daniel Davey was convicted of sexually abusing a child at least six times over an 18-month period from 2015 to 2016. He began serving his time at HMP Bullingdon, in Oxfordshire, on December 1.

On January 12, he was found dead in his cell. Authorities have opened an inquest into his death.

Davey, a former employee of McDonald's, was acquainted with the victim and his family. He reportedly would spend time alone with the child, sometimes babysitting for the young boy, when he began abusing him.

He was discovered when the little boy finally shared what was happening to him with his mom.

The child had told his mother that he wanted to tell her something 'dirty' that was happening to him. He went on to admit that, earlier that day, when he was in the care of Davey, the adult performed oral sex on the child.

The horrified mother called the cops.

An investigation found Davey's DNA on the little boy's underwear. A witness in court also reported that he once caught Davey with an image on his computer that featured a man sexually abusing a child about the age of 13.

He confronted Davey about it, and Davey said someone had sent it to him as a sick joke. He told the friend he had disposed of the image.

When he was arrested, authorities found he'd disposed of the computer with the graphic images. Davey denied wrongdoing, but the jury didn't believe him.

He was found guilty on two charges of sexual assault of a child, and was acquitted of a third count.

"Davey's depravity drove him to systematically abuse this very young boy over an 18-month period. I'd like to thank the victim for his bravery in coming forward, along with his family, and recounting what is obviously a distressing time in his life," said the investigating officer in a press conference.

"I would like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who may have been a victim of sex abuse to report it to police."

In addition to more than six years in prison, Davey was ordered to serve a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order, requiring him to be on the sex offender’s registry. His victim was also granted a restraining order so that Davey could never contact him again.

Authorities have not yet given any indication of how Davey was found, or what they suspect was the cause of his death.

There had been some speculation by the press and by people on social media suggesting that Davey may have taken his own life. Shortages in the prison have led to an increased rate of self-harm among prisoners.

"Should’ve been authorized by the government before. String all pedophiles up, laws are far too lenient," said one person, rejoicing, on social media.

"Woke up a bit cranky this morning but that’s really cheered me up knowing that [bag] of [sh-t] is dead," said another.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, PA, MailOnline

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