Pathogen Outbreak Causes FDA To Force Recall Of Popular Frozen Veggie Selection

Food poisoning is a major problem here in the US, with hundreds of outbreaks every year caused by a variety of pathogens.

Most food poisoning outbreaks are related to bacterial infections. A type of bacteria named Listeria can cause painful and even fatal food poisoning. Listeria has been implicated in scores of food poisoning outbreaks across the country over the last decade or two. The most recent Listeria outbreak, which began late last year, has been linked to a number of popular food products sold all across the nation.

Note that the FDA (the federal agency in charge of food safety) has just released another Listeria-related recall. This new product recall involves Lakeside Foods frozen sweet peas. Keep in mind that this recall impacts several states in the southern part of the country.
Check out the most recent list of products that may have been contaminated by Listeria bacteria:

Lakeside Foods Frozen Sweet Peas
Advanced Fresh Concepts Edamame
Marketside Frozen Pizzas
Various Brands of Mixed Vegetables and Sweet Peas
Sargento Cheese
Vulto Creamery Cheese
Menu Del Sol Bean and Cheese Burritos

It seems that the common theme for these listeria-recalled products is that they are frozen vegetables and cheese products, so consumers are advised to be careful with buying and serving related items. It is also a good idea to always check recall lists from the FDA and US Department of Agriculture before going grocery shopping.

Of note, although all of the products listed above should have been removed from store shelves, if you see them in a store or if you have them in your home, you should not consume them. You should throw the recalled products in the trash or return them to the store where you purchased them.

Source: Faith Family America
Photo: Faith Family America

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