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Passengers Horrified To Learn What's Coming Out Of Soap Dispenser In Airport Bathroom

Imagine getting off of a long, exhausting flight after a business trip or a vacation. If you're like a lot of people, you try to avoid airplane bathrooms if at all possible, and are eager to head straight to the restroom after disembarking the plane. But when you try to wash your hands, you're horrified to realize that the stuff coming out of the soap dispenser isn't soap at all.

That's what happened at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport last week, and authorities have launched an investigation. Matthew Demers of Clinton Township was the unfortunate traveler who made the discovery. He reported his disgusting find to the airport staff.

"So I just used the men’s bathroom, I just washed my hands and coming to find this out — it is a little disgusting," said Demer to Fox News.

The airport security believes that the mysterious liquid found in the men's room soap dispenser is bodily fluid. They're wondering who would have thought of such a sick thing to do and they're looking for the culprit.

"I don't even know how someone would find the time to do that," said airport cleaning lady Jamilia McClendon. "You can see it is kind of busy around here right now."

McClendon is one of the people responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. She says that she doesn't believe a passenger could have pulled off the nasty prank. She believes it was a staff member, or someone who had access to the soap dispensers.

"The way the soap dispensers are under the sink, a passenger wouldn't know how to get up under, and untwist them," she said. "It really is disgusting."

"A lot of crazy things happen at the airport," McClendon added.

Because of the disgusting find, the airport is reconsidering their soap dispenser system. They're thinking of adding some tamper-proof dispensers, and of heavier monitoring of the bathrooms to prevent this kind of thing in the future.

Ever since the bodily fluid incident, McClendon says that the cleaning crew has had extra work. They now have to check all the soaps to make sure there aren't any added surprises in the dispensers.

"(We) wash our hands in the break room before we come upstairs.... because there is no telling what's in there. We have to check them before we even get on the floor, each shift."

"I don't know what would go through someone's mind ever thinking about doing that," said Demers. "It's extremely disgusting."

The suspect might be laughing to himself now, but is he really sure that his DNA can't be traced? After all, the ever-growing databases are making it easier and easier to track people down.

That would be an extremely embarrassing crime for which to be captured. Imagine having to explain yourself to a judge. There is just no way to pass that kind of thing off as an accident, so you might as well just confess and hang your head in shame.

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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