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Parents Who Drop Kids Off Early Might Get Billed for Child Care

Sometimes the time a parent needs to get to work does not coincide well with the time school begins. They might drop their children off a little early, but in one school from now on they're going to have to pay for it.

A school in Australia noticed an uptick in how many students were coming in far too early for class, and will now be charging parents per diem when kids walk through the doors before 8:30 am.

The principal of the Burrowes State School in Queensland sent parents and guardians a note last week reminding them that classes begin at 8:50 am. She noted that if people bring their kids in before 8:30 am, the school will charge them an estimated $2.60 for each day the child arrives early.

Principal Kristine Lemon sent the email to warn parents about the new before-care drop-off program. The actual cost will depend on federal childcare rebates to which each family is entitled, but under $3 is estimated to be what most people will pay.

For this price, not only will the staff be there early to watch over the child, but the child will also be provided with breakfast.

Lemon noted that most primary schools in Queensland already have before- and after-care programs for parents who work, but each year it seems more and more parents who do not enroll their kids in the program begin dropping kids off earlier on a regular basis since the doors are already open. The principal is trying to encourage parents to make use of the program properly.

A number of other parents who are already paying for the program agree with Lemon.

“I live near Burrowes and I have seen children been (sic) dropped off by parents as early as 7 in the morning and some children are still there until 5 in the afternoon. They do this because they don’t want to pay childcare fees. As far as I’m concerned, your child safety is more important,” said one parent on the school's Facebook page.

Some parents complained that it is unfair that they get charged when they only need to drop their kids off early occasionally. Others argued that this is the point of the per diem fee-- parents who need to use before-care only occasionally don't have to join the program full time.

Others were delighted; they felt that with breakfast included, less than $3 for more than an hour of child care is a bargain. “That’s great and wow only $2.60 your child’s watched and fed. cheaper than before school care or them being in schoolyard with no supervision,” said one.

Some people said complainers were just trying to get free babysitting but warned them that they are putting their child
ren at risk.

“I want to know — should those kids get hurt or go missing — who do those parents then blame, because I bet your bottom dollar they go looking for someone and not even consider their own actions,” wrote one mom.

“A lot of entitled people on here thinking it’s OK to get babysitters for free … teachers are for teaching NOT babysitting … a few dollars to care for YOUR kids before and after school starts is not going to break the bank,” said another.

Source: Fox News
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