Palm Springs Agrees To Remove Racist Trees That Separate Golf Course, Historically Black Neighborhood

Back in the 1960s, a row of trees was planted when the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course was built in Palm Springs, California. Fast forward to today, and that row of trees is the subject of controversy.

There have long been claims that the trees were planted not for cosmetic purposes, to make the course more attractive, or provide additional scenery to players, but rather to separate the course from a historically black neighborhood.

The matter has finally boiled over, and the Mayor and city council are taking steps to address it. In fact, they’ve agreed to remove the trees to soothe the angst of residents that feel the trees are racist in nature.

“You asked why it took us this long,” said council member J.R. Roberts during a recent gathering of residents. “I can’t answer that. But guess what? We’re here now.”

“It’s a new city council and a new time,” said Mayor Robert Moon.

As Fox News Insider shares, it’s going to cost about $169,000 to remove the trees, but Roberts indicates it will be money well spent.

“It’s not about a price to pay, it’s about finding the money,” Roberts added.

Local residents are reportedly pleased with the decision, as the trees have been a source of angst for some in the community for a great deal of time.

“It’s really about the barriers. It’s about the segregation and discrimination that has prevented black people in Palm Springs from accumulating wealth,” said one local resident. “Trump wants to build a wall, in Palm Springs they planted a wall.”

“When you’re coming down 34th and you pass those tamarisk trees, it’s like you’re in another world,” said another resident.

"And it shouldn’t be so. And if you look at it, everything else around is open to that golf course. And I’m pretty sure we’re paying taxes for that golf course.”

Other residents note that the time has come for the trees to go, as they feel they were planted for crystal clear reasons.

“It’s like the city of Palm Springs did everything they could do to not acknowledge this community,” said another resident. “Palm Springs leaders, people who are in a position to make this decision, tear out these trees,” he said.

“I truly believe they were planted to segregate the black neighborhood from the ritzy community over there and that shouldn’t stand anymore,” added one resident.

The story of the decision by Palm Springs and the contentions of some local residents has drawn national attention. Tucker Carlson of Fox News featured the story on a recent edition of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ and he indicated he wasn’t on board with the decision to remove the trees.

"Why are we punishing the trees? We're killing them," he said.

He spoke with Daniel during the program, who would describe the trees as ‘nasty,’ environmentally unfriendly, and an impediment to black homeowners in the area as far as appreciation of the value of their homes.

It’s unclear if the value of the homes will now increase once the trees have been successfully removed. It has also yet to be revealed how the city intends to pay for the removal, as reports indicate that the city budget is stretched incredibly thin as it is.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: Fox News

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