The 'Other' Trump Daughter Turns Heads On Social Media

When the name Trump is attached, attention will soon follow. That’s true whether we’re talking about the President, the First Lady, or the commander-in-chief’s high-profile children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

However, there is one member of the Trump clan that flies well off the radar in comparison. That would be Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter from his marriage to ex-wife Marla Maples.

While her older siblings have taken an active role in both the family business and advocating for their father, Tiffany hasn’t done that. While part of that can be attributed to her age - she just turned 24 - there has been plenty of speculation that she prefers to be out of the spotlight.

However, that speculation is offset by the fact that she keeps an active profile on social media. Unlike other members of her family, hers is not ripe with political chatter.

As Fox News shares, Tiffany recently turned some heads with a pair of striking photos on social media. First up was a snap of her in a beautiful semi-sheer champagne-colored dress. It looks like she was all dolled up for a night out on the town, and reports indicate that she was spotted out at a fashionable Indian restaurant in the nation’s capital around that time.

Regardless, her pic attracted plenty of likes and comments.

“True Trump style,” shared one user.

“The only thing Trump did right,” wrote one commenter.

“LOVE that dress,” posted another user.

Last month, she shared a snap to commemorate her birthday, which just so happened to fall on the Friday the 13th. For this one, she wore a simple short white dress with high heels, and she was next to a bouquet of balloons. This one sparked quite the reaction when it was shared as well, including a number of risque comments.

“You need a good spanking for daddy's misconduct,” wrote one user.

“She is so much more attractive than all of the other clan…” said another poster.

“Wow.........stunningly beautiful.....Wish I was 25-30 again,” chimed in one commenter.

Come to think of it, maybe Tiffany is just ahead of the curve of the rest of the Trump clan in terms of how to get people talking. Her simple snaps sparked a ton of comments, and absent some trolls, most of the conversation revolved around what she was wearing.

That’s a welcome respite from all of the political chatter that typically pops up whenever the Trump name is invoked, which Tiffany doesn’t seem all that interested in at the moment anyway.

She’s currently attending law school at Georgetown, which isn’t all that far from where her father hangs his hat. Will that lead to more photo ops at the White House and with the president moving forward?

Perhaps, but we’re going to fashion a guess that Tiffany will be just fine without them. After all, she’s already proving that she can turn plenty of heads with her simple snaps. Why mess with a good thing and spark a ton of needless political rhetoric?

Source: Fox News
Photos: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute via Flickr, Tiffany Trump/Instagram

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