On-Air Meteorologist Shamed For Her Choice Of Wardrobe

A meteorologist was giving the weather report, but the report was interrupted right in the middle of the live broadcast. No, it was not a special news bulletin that interrupted her, but the hand of an off-camera colleague extending out to her, holding something.

The weather girl took it in stride, but she couldn't believe she was interrupted for her outfit.

California weather forecaster Liberté Chan with KTLA was in the middle of reporting the weather, but she had no idea that an email storm was brewing. Apparently, as soon as the weather girl appeared on the news, emails began pouring in with complaints about her outfit.

When a colleague’s hand appeared on screen holding a gray piece of fabric, Chan looked confused.

“What’s going on?” she asked her co-worker. “You want me to put this on? Why, because it’s cold?”

“We’re getting a lot of emails,” the coworker said.

Chan looked stunned, but kept up her professional demeanor. She took the interruption in stride and draped the cardigan over herself.

“I look like a librarian now,” she joked before getting back to business.

Chan wrote a blog post claiming that her colleagues were merely poking fun at her for her outfit, a black beaded mini-dress. Some viewers did write in when she appeared in the outfit to complain.

“Liberte Chan looks like she stayed out late at a party and came to work in the same dress, not appropriate for morning weather report,” read one viewer's email. “The show’s producer should not have allowed her to do it in a cocktail dress.”

Some have claimed that her co-workers blew the few emails they received out of proportion and were out of line by wardrobe shaming her live on the air, but Chan took it in stride.

“I was simply playing along with my co-anchor’s joke,” she said in a blog post. “I really wasn’t offended. People are kind of spinning it and saying it was sexist. I thought it was just funny.”

“I like my bosses and enjoy working with my coworkers,” Chan said on Facebook. “Since talking to my team, I want our viewers to know it was never our intention to offend anyone.”

Chan also tweeted a video of herself twisting to make her dress tassels swing around. As she spun she remarked, "I love my tassels!"

"Even if it's early in the AM, can't beat a black beaded dress," she wrote in the caption.

The meteorologist did have a message for those viewers who were offended by her dress. “It’s a dress, people. Can we talk about my weather performance?” she wrote.

Maybe it's karma; Chan once jokingly called out a male co-worker who was wearing a very businesslike suit and tie on top, but below the anchor desk he had on a pair of khaki shorts.

Even if some people didn’t happen to like Chan’s dress for her news report, at least she can be comforted by the fact that it did look great on her.

Source: NY Daily News
Photos: KTLA

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