Old Black-And-White Photos Look Remarkable After Artist Adds Color

A color artist from Brazil went through some famous old photos and decided to bring the past to life. Using photoshop, Marina Amaral painstakingly colorized these photos to give them a new perspective about our world.

Ruby Bridges Goes to School

The famous photo shows the young African-American girl from the 1960's going to an all-white school after desegregation laws were passed. To protect her, the child was surrounded by white law enforcement agents. Something about putting color in this photo gives it new weight and makes it even more relevant.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Monet In Full Color

Claude Monet, the famous painter, took a portrait standing in front of some of his masterpieces. It seems odd for a painter famous for his use of color to be shown with his works in black-and-white. Amaral fixed it.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Lewis Powell

Lewis Powell in color looks handsome, almost like a celebrity captured in a dark, moody portrait. If it weren't for the handcuffs (he was a co-conspirator in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln), you might never realize you were looking at a 19th century outlaw.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

A Noble Change

The Highlanders of the 72 regime who served in Crimea in 1854 look even more noble after color was restored to their bold plaid uniforms.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

The Kennedy Wedding

When John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier, they made one of the most stunning couples ever to grace a wedding photo. The colorized version, showing the two standing in front of a sprawling field of green, is even more stunning.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Ellis Island

Seeing old sepia-toned images of immigrants landing on Ellis Island in the early twentieth century has an almost other-worldly look that makes us forget these were real moments of ordinary people in history. Amaral masterfully recreates the color in this shot, making it more relatable to a generation growing up with Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Migrant Mother

Likewise with the famous 1936 photo of the California migrant mother and her children. The woman was struggling with poverty during the great depression, and the worried look on her face says it all. The colorized version brings the scene to life.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Wounded Soldier

This World War I veteran who suffered an injury and had to go through phases of facial reconstruction. His pain and suffering can be felt all the more with the raw, red scars.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Powerful Portrait

The 1908 portrait of Bull Chief, An Indian Warrior of the Apsaroke Tribe, complete with his stately headdress, has always made a powerful statement. The colorized version adds depth to the chief's leathery skin and dark eyes, making his gaze all the more intense.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Greta Garbo

Some actresses from Hollywood's heyday were unfortunately never filmed or photographed in color. It's a shame, because colorized portraits like these show just how beautiful women like Greta Garbo were.

Facebook/Marina Amaral

Source: Bored Panda

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