O.J. Simpson And Former 'Dream Team' Lawyer Spotted Together in Las Vegas

O.J. Simpson was released on parole two weeks ago, and it seems he's already connecting with old friends. He was recently spotted at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada with his former attorney, F. Lee Bailey.

The two were having dinner, but no word on whether the Juice is seeking legal advice.

Bailey was on the team of lawyers that came to be known as the 'dream team' in 1995. At the time, Simpson was standing trial for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

Bailey was well known for defending people in high profile cases, such as the 'Boston Strangler' Albert DeSalvo and Sam Sheppard, the man whose case inspired the television series 'The Fugitive'.

Bailey's most noteworthy contribution to Simpson's murder trial was the cross-examination of Mark Fuhrman. The detective claimed on the stand to have never used racial slurs, but was caught lying when tapes revealed he had used them liberally.

The cross-examinations is considered one of the key reasons Simpson was acquitted.

"Any lawyer in his right mind who would not be looking forward to cross-examining Mark Fuhrman is an idiot," Bailey said at the time.

Bailey and Simpson were spotted sharing a meal and a drink with another man, who seemed to be mainly occupied with his phone. A fourth man came by and leaned over the table, talking to Simpson for a little while, before departing.

In the lobby of the hotel after the meal, Bailey and Simpson were caught hugging before departing.

Bailey, who is now 84, has been disbarred since the Simpson case for transferring one of his client's assets, stocks, that were supposed to be included in a forfeiture to his own accounts.

When ordered to turn the stocks over, the attorney refused and claimed it was payment for his legal fees, and he said he'd used them for collateral for loans.

By the time the court ordered Bailey to turn them over again, the stock had rose by nearly $15 million, and Bailey argued he should be able to keep the difference. He served six weeks and turned the stocks over to the government upon his release.

A Florida court found him guilty of seven counts of attorney misconduct and disbarred him. Several other states followed. Applications to practice law in other states were denied.

Bailey is now reportedly in bad financial shape after his legal woes.

Simpson’s legal woes might finally be behind them. Since being released from prison the fallen football hero has reportedly been spending time at his daughter’s house, relaxing.

He’s been spotted out playing golf or having a few drinks.

Simpson is allowed to drink in moderation while on parole, but he could get an order at any time to be tested. If his blood alcohol level exceeds .08 on any of those tests, the legal limit, he could find himself back in jail.

Source: MailOnline, TMZ
Photo: YouTube

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