Officials Finally Reveal Who Stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Uniform

The fiasco that stirred up when Tom Brady reported his jersey missing either demonstrates that no crime is too small to be considered insignificant, or that people have way too much time on their hands. After the uproar over the missing jersey, an anonymous law enforcement official reported that the jersey might have simply been misplaced by the star quarterback.

What could have been the caper of the century is quickly fizzling out. It all started when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady couldn't find his Super Bowl LI jersey. He swears he stuffed it into his carry-on bag in the locker room.

“I went in to take my eye black off and they had opened up [the locker room] to, I don’t know, the media,” Brady reported. “And I walked back to my bag and it was gone. Same thing happened two years ago [in the Super Bowl against Seattle]. That sucks, but, oh well.”

Unfortunately, a lack of video cameras in the locker room means there's no way to verify if someone crept into the room and plucked the pricey jersey out of Brady's bag, or if the player simply put it in the wrong bag. Another bag of Patriots equipment was reportedly on the scene at the time. That bag was loaded on a truck, which was headed for Gillette Stadium.

The truck hasn't been searched, but some law enforcement agents on the case suspect that Brady's jersey might be in there among the other items. But the investigation continues.

While a jersey might not seem like a big enough deal to waste taxpayer resources, a Super Bowl quarterback's jersey is. Brady's jersey is valued at approximately $500,000. Police say that there would be no point in selling the notorious garment — no legitimate sports dealer or auction house would touch such an easily identifiable stolen object.

“The Houston Police Department is the lead agency in the search for the missing Tom Brady jersey. We’re working in connection with the Texas Rangers [of the Texas Department of Public Safety], the NFL security department and NRG park security,” Houston Police Department Executive Assistant Chief G.T. Buenik said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The world can rest easy.

Source: The Washington Post
Photo: Sporting News

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