Officers Caught Couple Having Sex, Couldn't Believe What They Did

One couple was arrested after they were caught having sex in the back of the car in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Cops are used to finding people parked in public places getting carried away, but this couple was ridiculous.

Officers say it was something of a first.

Officer A. Wespfahl got a call to investigate a suspicious car that was parked outside someone's home. When he arrived, he looked around but didn't find anyone. He began approaching the home of the person who made the 911 report, when that person shouted out an open second-floor window that two people were having sex in a car in front of the home.

The woman told the officer they had gotten so loud that they woke her up. She asked them to stop, but they ignored her.

Wespfahl could hear 'what sounded like someone moaning' by now, and he pinpointed the vehicle in question. He approached the vehicle and shone his flashlight through the fogged windows into the back seat, finding a man and a woman in the middle of sexual intercourse.

As the officer describes it, he 'immediately observed what appeared to be two completely naked individuals in the backseat of the car'.

The suspects were later identified as 21-year-old Bailey Puttkemery and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Emily Scott. It's not entirely new for police officers to find couples messing around in the back of a car, but this couple was a bit different.

They weren't shocked, embarrassed and running for cover when they got caught. They merely looked at the officer with his flashlight as though he were an annoyance and continued with their business.

Officer Wespfahl told them to stop and to get dressed. He heard Puttkemery say, 'Okay', and the officer went back to his car to 'give the two subjects some privacy'.

A few minutes later the couple still had not gotten out of the car, so the officer went back to it. The car was rocking, and the couple were back in the saddle. Once again, the officer ordered them to stop and get dressed.

This time Puttkemery said, "No, bro. I’m trying to f--k.”

Wespfahl opened the car door and ordered them to stop again, but they just kept going at it. The officer ordered them over and over, but they continued to ignore him.

When they were finally done, Puttkemery got out of the car completely naked and implored the police officer to have compassion. “You’re a man, you should understand,” he told Wespfahl.

Puttkemery complained that the officer was 'c--k-blocking him' and 'giving him blue balls'.

The officer begged the naked suspect to put pants on, to which he responded, "It’s just a d--k, nothing to be afraid of.”

When Scott was questioned, she told the officer they didn't stop because Puttkemery 'wanted to finish' the job.

Both were arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct. The charges were eventually dropped.

Source: Metro, Miami Herald
Photo: La Crosse County Sheriff's Department, YouTube

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