Obama's Brother-In-Law Makes Huge Announcement

Since leaving office, President Barack Obama has managed to keep himself pretty busy. We’ve all seen the plethora of photos of him and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, enjoying a whole lot of fun in the sun with their rich celebrity pals. Additionally, the former commander-in-chief has made headlines with some high-profile - and incredibly well-paid - speaking gigs.

While the former president is certainly entitled to both enjoy his leisure time and earn a living, he’s received some backlash on both fronts. The various vacations have been incredibly over the top, and many folks are wondering why he feels the need to be so showy about his good fortune. As for the speaking circuit, Obama has been assailed for railing against the evils of income inequality, all while cashing monstrous checks for sharing his thoughts on the matter.

There’s also been plenty of chatter about what his next move will be on the political front. While his days in office are over, it’s assumed that he’ll have a big role in things for the Democratic Party in a behind-the-scenes fashion. As the New York Daily News shares, there’s some news making the rounds about a new role for a member of his family as well.

“Craig Robinson, the brother of former First Lady Michelle Obama, has accepted a front-office position with the Knicks concentrating on player development, a source confirmed of a Yahoo! Report,” the News reports. “The 55-year-old worked one year in a similar position with the Milwaukee Bucks, as the Vice President of Player and Organizational Development.”

Robinson certainly has his work cut out for him, as the Knicks have been in the midst of a rebuilding project that’s taken an inordinate amount of time. Nonetheless, Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek struck an optimistic tone last month.

“We have some very talented young players on this team that we can grow with,” he said. “The veterans can help in that development and you never know what happens – these young guys, maybe they’re ready . . .”

As for Robinson, he took an active role in his brother’s presidential campaign. He also shared a story of one of his first encounters with Obama in an interview with Esquire. The pair played some hoops, and that told him all he needed to know about how suited he was for his sister.

“When I played basketball with Barack, he was quietly confident, which means he had good self-esteem without being cocky. He was certainly a team player - he wasn’t a pig, he passed when he was supposed to pass, and he cut when he was supposed to cut. To me, that speaks to a lack of selfishness,” he said.

No word on whether we can expect to see the Obamas courtside at any Knicks games this season. If we had to fashion a guess, they may opt for a luxury suite to make things easier on the secret service and building security. Either way, the former president is a noted sports fan, so there’s a good chance he’ll stop on by to see how Robinson’s new gig is working out.

Source: New York Post, NY Daily News
Photo: YouTube

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