People Furious When They See Obama's Official White House Portrait- There's Just One Problem

Social media fell into a veritable tizzy over the weekend, and this time it wasn’t because of something the president had to say. A portrait of former President Barack Obama was shared by one user, and it was touted as his official White House portrait.

The pic went viral, but it turned out that this wasn’t even close to an accurate depiction of what the portrait was. While it was a painting of Obama, the artist that painted it has nothing to do with the White House whatsoever.

As BuzzFeed shares, part of the reason the photo struck such a chord was because of what Obama was wearing in it. Obama was depicted wearing a tan suit, which he has actually done in the past, but he was mocked substantially for his choice of attire at the time.

“The official White House portrait of Barack Obama is out and it's the tan suit! Like George Washington could ever…,” shared one user.

Many users assumed it was the real deal, and it was shared left and right.

“White folks and Republicans were PISSED when he wore this suit and now it's cemented in history forever. ICONIC,” wrote one user.

“My grandma gonna put this picture up in her dining room right next to MLK Jr. and Jesus,” chimed in another.

“The tan suit and the smirk on his face lmfao,” added another user.

A spokesperson for the former president would bring the good times to an end by noting that this wasn’t the official White House portrait of Obama. So where did this photo come from? Turns out it’s from a Dutch artist named Edwin van den Dikkenberg, who sounds pretty tickled about the attention his portrait has received.

"I'm very pleased to hear that my portrait of Barack Obama appeared on Twitter! I wish I had the opportunity to paint the official portrait but that's not the case," he said. "As an artist I am always hoping for something like this to happen! And as a professional portrait painter it would be a great honor to paint the president,"

While it’s nice that the artist has received a profile boost in the wake of it, it still provides a cautionary tale about taking things posted on social media at face value. One user that shared the photo claims that it actually appeared on his Facebook news feed before he shared it.

"After I found out that it actually wasn't, the photo had gone viral," said Blake Green.

That’s pretty amazing if it happened as Green explained it, but it should also serve as a lesson on the importance of verification. Unfortunately, not everything that appears on news feeds can be taken as gospel.

It’s always a good idea to seek out different sources to confirm the information is true, and sometimes that means you’ll have to wait a bit before sharing. That’s not always easy, but being too quick on the trigger can also lead you to have some explaining to do on why you’re sharing fake stuff.

Source: BuzzFeed
Photo: Edwin van den Dikkenberg

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