Nude Photos Of Miley Cyrus Leak, Even More Bad News

Explicit photos of former Disney girl Miley Cyrus have been leaked online. The star's spokespeople say the photos were hacked from her private devices. The images were plastered all over an X-rated pornography website on the 'dark web'.

The 'dark web' is a matrix of encrypted websites that can only be reached with special programs. It's a haven for criminal activity because it allows users to hide through untraceable websites and anonymous screen names. It's common to find such things as child pornography, online drug sales and offensive materials.

The photos of Cyrus were reportedly illegally obtained and shared without consent of the singer/actress.

The same website posted hacked photos of Emma Watson in skimpy attire. According to her representatives, the photos were taken during a fashion fitting last year.

Amanda Seyfried also fell prey when the website leaked her photos last month, which are reportedly intimate photos of the actress with her boyfriend. She's partially clothed or unclothed in most of them.

Both Seyfried and Watson have sicced their legal teams on the porn site to demand images be removed. Cyrus's legal team is joining them in demanding they be taken down.

This is not the first time Cyrus has fallen victim to leaked photos. A hacker obtained some private photos back in 2008, though they were not nearly as scandalous. There were some nude photos, but in most Cyrus was wearing bathing suits or lingerie. At the time, Cyrus was a minor.

In 2013, more leaked photos were handed to V Magazine. In many of these, she exposed her breasts. Numerous photos of the young celebrity showed her on a topless beach or sunbathing topless as well.

In 2014 through 2015, Cyrus participated in a number of full frontal nudity shoots for various magazines. The recently leaked photos are not nearly as sexually explicit as some of these shoots, some of which involve sex toys. Cyrus said to Paper Magazine that year, “I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age... Everything that’s legal, I’m down with."

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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