New Revival Of 90s Sitcom 'Roseanne' Will Include Both Actresses Who Played Daughter Becky

When ABC announced the revival of 90s sitcom Roseanne, fans were ecstatic and people immediately began to speculate about what changes we might expect to see in the new version of Roseanne.

Given that the series ended 20 years ago back in 1997, the $64,000 question of course is "who will be returning?" Keep in mind that most of the show's cast went on to enjoy successful careers in the entertainment industry, so it seemed pretty unlikely that the whole cast could get back together again in the reboot.

It turns out the naysayers were wrong, as the producers announced that the entire main cast is set to return in the revival of Roseanne, importantly including both actresses who played her daughter Becky.

The early news on the reboot was that Lecy Goranson, who played Becky through the fifth season, would reprise the role, while Sarah Chalke who played Becky from season six on, would be recast as a new character.

Note that Sarah Chalke took over the role of Becky Conner on the show because Goranson decided she wanted to attend college.

It’s obvious that you can’t have two Beckys for the new version of the show, but how to choose which one isn’t so obvious. Showrunner Bruce Helford, along with exec producers Tom Werner, Whitney Cummings, and Sara Gilbert (also be reprising her role as Darlene Conner) came up with a brilliant way to incorporate Goranson and Chalke in the show.

It can now be revealed that Chalke will play a quirky middle-class married woman named Andrea who hires Becky (acted by Goranson) to serve as a surrogate mom.

Chalke noted in a recent interview that exec producers Tom Werner and Sara Gilbert had reached out to her to ask if she wanted to rejoin the cast.

"I was so excited to hear that it was coming back. I think the timing is perfect," Chalke explained as she spoke to the media. "I think it’s exactly what is needed right now."

"Right now when the country is so divided, I really think it’s a show that brings people together. The writing is so unbelievable. It's so funny."

"I love the part! It’s such a fun part to play," Chalke commented, obviously already enthusiastic about playing her new character.

Entertainment industry pundits highlight that the new middle-class character will provide a foil for new drama for the Conner family, and also makes it clear just how important both Goranson and Chalke are to the revival of the hit series.

According to the boss, everyone who tunes in will soon find out that not much has changed in the working-class home of Roseanne (played by Roseanne Barr) and her husband, Dan (played by John Goodman).

“You will feel the emotion from seeing that set again,” promises showrunner Helford, who has come back to the sitcom after working as the program’s showrunner in 1992-1993. “It will be an extra-special experience.”

Of interest, the revival of Roseanne is scheduled to premiere on ABC on March 27th, 2018.

Source: Throwbacks
Photo: E! News, Entertainment Weekly

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