Neighbor Reports What Cop Is Doing In His Garage, Now He Is In Big Trouble

A police sergeant in Greenfield, MA is in hot water for displaying a Confederate flag in his garage. Sgt. Daniel McCarthy, who serves as the department’s liaison on the local Human Rights Commission, is facing backlash for hanging a Confederate flag on the back wall of his garage. Local media sources note the flag can be clearly seen when the overhead door of the garage is opened.

A number of Facebook posts have called Sgt. Daniel McCarthy “hateful” and “trouble,” and others describe his action as “beyond troubling” and “horrific.”

When contacted by the media, Greenfield Police Chief Robert Haigh commented on Monday it was premature for him to speak on the issue at this point, as he has just heard about the issue. Haigh says he plans to speak with McCarthy’s neighbors, Rod and Lindel Hart, fathers of Hugh Hart, a 10-year-old African-American child who told his parents he was scared after seeing the flag.

Media sources also highlight that Mayor William Martin says that he discussed the issue with the police chief on Monday afternoon.

“We’re still looking into it,” Mayor Martin noted. “We did agree, though, that the chief will discuss the department’s code of conduct with Sgt. McCarthy. The code says that no behavior should reflect badly on the department or town as a whole. I would say something like this does.”

Martin said he is also in the process of contacting the Harts. He also noted it’s ”very possible” the flag will be taken down in the near future, or at least taken out of public view. 

“This is not an image we want to portray for Greenfield or its police department,” Martin concluded.

Source: Rocorder

Photo: MassLive

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