Muslim Student Set Fire To University To Avenge Muslims Killed In U.S. Bombings In The Middle East

A teen confessed to setting at least four fires at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul. The former student says that she committed arson after reading about incidents of the U.S. military destroying schools in the Middle East.

She told police that if she knew how to make a bomb, she would have used one.

Tnuza Jamal Hassan, a 19-year-old from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was charged with arson for starting fires at the university. She was once a student of St. Catherine's and went back to start fires because she was furious over past incidents in which the U.S. Military bombed schools in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On the morning of January 17, 2018. Hassan set the fires in the span of several hours.

One of the buildings in which she set a fire contained a campus daycare center, and 33 children were evacuated. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the sprinkler system managed to quickly contain the fires.

Hassan had withdrawn from the school in early 2017 because she and her family planned an extended vacation to Ethiopia. The teen was allegedly radicalized on the internet.

She had hoped to burn the school to the ground, and her intention was to hurt or kill people, according to reports.

The former student became a suspect in the fires because of letters she had written to her dorm roommates about supporting Muslims and instituting the caliphate.

The roommates turned over the radical rants to campus security. She was arrested later that day.

The young woman confessed to lighting the fires, claiming that she did it because she was angry about schools being bombed in Muslim countries.

"Hassan said this was the same thing that happened in the "Muslim land" and nobody cares if they get hurt, so why not do this?" read the complaint.

Hassan reportedly told the police in an interview, "You guys are lucky that I don't know how to build a bomb because I would have done that."

According to the prosecutor, the teen had 'substantial ties' to the local jihadist community.
Authorities are now investigating to see if Hassan was also involved with any international terrorist groups. At this time, the FBI are investigating and have declined to comment.

According to Hassan's attorney, the arson came as a 'big shock' to her family. "They are just at a loss," he said.

Family members have declined to comment.

"We are dismayed by her statements and know that they have impacted us all deeply," said a statement from Becky Roloff, St. Catherine's University president.

“I have a tremendous amount of gratitude knowing that all of our students, faculty, staff, and other community members are safe. I am eternally grateful to those who reported the fires immediately, to our university Public Safety, and to local law enforcement who acted quickly and effectively to respond to this situation and keep us safe," Roloff added.

Roloff also made it clear that Hassan's actions won't be held against other Muslims.

"We are proud to be an open and welcoming university that embraces diversity. As such, we strongly believe that one person does not represent an entire group, and we deeply value all Muslim members of our community.”
Source: Dailymail
Photo: Dailymail

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