Mother Of Two Admits To Doing This To Her Children - Absolutely Unbelievable

An emotionally disturbed mother-of-two has been arrested in West Virginia after law enforcement found her two young sons locked inside small cages much like dog kennels.

The mom, 33-year-old Kristal Richard, of Kanawha County, faces charges relating to locking her children, ages two and five, in homemade wood and steel mesh boxes.

Based on information in the police report, officers conducted a welfare check earlier this week after receiving an anonymous tip about potential child abuse.

The troopers who responded to Richard's home in Shrewbury, West Virginia say they discovered the children naked in wooden boxes full of feces and urine.

According to court documents, the younger of the two sons was found in a box 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide, while his older brother was in a slightly smaller enclosure.

Note that the kennel-like boxes had no beds, and the children had no choice but to relieve themselves inside the enclosures.

It seems that toys and food were found on the floor of both boxes, but the walls and floor were smeared with feces and urine.

In a touching note, the troopers who made the welfare check and rescued the 5-year-old say the child exclaimed “Yippee!” when he was freed.

Under questioning, Richard admitted she had placed the children in the boxes, and kept them locked in there for most of the day so they wouldn’t bother her. The troopers also claim she said that she was unfit to care for the children.

According to local media sources, West Virginia Child Protective Services has removed Richard's sons from the home and placed the boys into the custody of other relatives.

Of note, Richard is now facing two counts of child neglect and has been ordered held at South Central Regional Jail on $10,000 cash-only bond. It is not known if she has an attorney yet.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Facebook/Kristal Lynn

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