Mother Of Slain Teen, Natalee Holloway, Suing Oxygen For Deceptive Docu-Series About Her Daughter's High-Profile Case

Oxygen, an NBC-owned network, has been slapped with a lawsuit by Beth Holloway, mother of missing teen Natalee Holloway. Natalee disappeared while on a class trip to Aruba, and her case captured world-wide interest.

Mrs. Holloway said the Oxygen docu-series producers lied to her so they could get DNA samples, and they deliberately lied about finding her daughter's remains.

Natalee was 18 years old when she went on the senior class trip in 2005. Chaperones on the trip were told to check in with students daily, but weren't required to keep track of their every move.

Students had been drinking heavily and there was a lot of partying on the trip.

The young girl was last seen at 1:30 a.m. on May 30. She left with Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch 17-year-old living in Aruba. She got into a car with van der Sloot and two of his friends.

She never returned back to the hotel and missed her flight home the next day. Her luggage and passport were found in her room.

After multiple searches over the years, no traces of Natalee were ever found. Van der Sloot was arrested and released multiple times in connection to the case, and ultimately went to jail for the murder of another young woman in Peru.

The most recent break in the case came in 2016. A new informant, a former roommate of van der Sloot, led a private detective to a cave where bone fragments were found. This was the basis of the Oxygen show.

During the six-episode docuseries, 'The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway', Beth's ex-husband and Natalee's father, Dave, went with private investigator T.J. Ward to search one last time for Natalee's body.  

Dave and Ward met the informant, and the bones were found in a cave in Aruba. They were sent for testing, but Dave was not optimistic.

"We’ve chased a lot of leads and you have your hopes up, but when they fall through, you basically go to a funeral. Over and over again," he said in an interview with Fox News while waiting for the results to come back.

"So you have a wall built up, which I do, and so you just wait and see and try not to think about it. And that’s the only way I can cope with it. I’m sure when that day comes very soon I’ll probably be disappointed once again, if it’s not [Natalee’s]," he continued.

The remains were tested and only one bone was found to be human, but it did not belong to Natalee. Dave and Beth had been divorced since 1993, when Natalee was a small child. Beth was not involved in the series until she was approached for her DNA sample.

Beth says producers of the show knew prior to approaching her for her DNA sample that the bones were not Natalee's remains. They neglected to tell her that, and allegedly put the grieving mother through weeks of agony as she waited for results to be revealed.

Beth said if she had known the remains did not belong to Natalee, she would have never submitted a DNA sample. She claims the show knowingly lied to her to sensationalize her daughter's case.

In her lawsuit, she says the show was a 'scripted, pre-planned farce calculated to give the impression of real-time events'.

The mother is suing for $35 million.

Oxygen has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: YouTube

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