Mother Confronts Loud Teens During A Movie, Shocked By What They Did Next

A woman was going through some hard times. Her husband had just lost his job, and the family knew things were going to get pretty lean for a while. The mom promised to take her daughters to the movies, so they went knowing it might be the last one for a long while. That's when she encountered two teens behaving badly; but the story had a very happy ending.

The teens went to the movies with their younger brother and were sitting behind Rebecca Boyd and her daughters. The two teens were loud and boisterous, and when Wood asked them to keep it down, they got very disrespectful. After the flick was over, Boyd and her daughters approached the teens and explained their story, but the teens just laughed at them.

The mother of the rude teens, Kyesha Smith Wood, heard from her son how her daughters behaved badly. She was mortified. She posted on Facebook and recruited help in finding Boyd— and she did.

Wood thanked Boyd for trying to teach her daughters a lesson and apologized profusely. She also gave Boyd and her girls new movie tickets, which the rude teens paid for out of their allowance, and she had her girls write the Wood family a letter of apology.

“I was shocked that the mother supported me,” Boyd said in an interview with ABC News. “I believe they’re good girls. They just made some mistakes.”

That was a happy enough ending, but things only got better. When the news broke, job offers came pouring in for Boyd's husband. And Wood says her daughters learned their lesson, and she doesn't expect them to be so rude in the future.

Source: Little Things
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