Mother Claims Racism When Daughter Sent Home For Hairstyle

Marian Reed was contacted by her 9-year-old daughter's elementary school, Tarver Elementary in Texas, and was asked to pick her up from P.E. class because she wasn't complying with school rules.

Reed was shocked, but it soon turned to rage when she decided that the school asked her to do something she felt was allegedly discriminatory. According to WXIA, Reed styled her daughter's hair for school that day in several ponytails.

She thought it looked stylish and Afro-centric. Although, the school referred it to a “fauxhawk/mohawk,” which does not comply with the campus dress code. Her daughter was asked to go home and change her hair. Reed claimed it was a racist demand that humiliated her daughter, made her feel ugly and allegedly hate the race she was born as.

Reed said, “She cried and said no one was going to want to be her friend because her hair was not as pretty as the assistant principal’s. As a parent, that’s heartbreaking because that’s just what God naturally gave her,” she added, “ignoring the fact that there are several ways an African-American girl’s hair can be styled to be compliant with the school policy.”

Reed then tried to argue with administrators that condemned her child's “afro puff” hairstyle was an unintended attack on her culture since she's seen white girls with a braid down the center of their head, which wasn't a problem. The “white girl” style she was discussing is called a French braid and is nothing like the puffed up mohawk Reed's daughter had.

Reed finally admitted the school likely wasn't trying to be racist. She is now demanding the administrators undergo diversity training. Yet, even a white girl with really curly hair would not be allowed to wear a puffy mohawk if she wanted to wear one. There are multiple hairstyles that she could have chosen for her daughter to wear just as the rest of the kids have to do.