Mother And Daughter Shocked When They See Rodent Feces Falling From Ceiling Of Mall Food Court

A mother and daughter hurried out of a California mall’s food court after discovering that rodent feces were dropping from the ceiling and getting into their food. Meeyoung Choi, a resident of Culver City, recorded the revolting moment on her mobile phone. The 0:42-second-long video shows Ms. Choi and her daughter recoiling from the droppings while sitting at a table in the food court at Westfield Culver City Mall.

As the pair are about to eat their food, they noticed small black pebbles were dropping onto the table and into their food. Upon closer inspection, the black pebbles were revealed to be rat feces.

“I was shocked. I was disgusted. I was disturbed,’ said Ms. Choi, who did not wish to show her face during an interview with CBS Los Angeles. “Middle of our meal, we started to feel something on our head, and we heard things dropping on our table.”

When they first felt and saw the black pebbles, Ms. Choi’s daughter first thought that they had been thrown by a group of nearby children. However, CBS reports that Ms. Choi instantly knew what the suspicious projectiles were.

“Two small black dots landed right on top of my mom’s cup and instantly she realized it was rodents’ fecal matter,” Cho’s daughter recalled. "And we were just so shocked and disgusted. Right after that, it just kept falling.”

As she recounted the incident, Ms. Choi also said that she could see signs of movement through cracks in the food court’s roof, inferring that there might be a live pest infestation at the mall.
According to CBS, Ms. Choi’s repeated requests to talk to mall security were not taken seriously.

When the mother and daughter could finally talk with a manager at the Westfield mall, her fears were still not assuaged. Several days later, the Westfield manager contacted Ms. Choi, apologizing for her negative experience and offering her a $25 gift card.

After the incident, Ms. Choi and her daughter, concerned by their exposure to the fecal matter, went to the nearest medical center and asked for checkups. Now, both women are demanding that the Westfield mall cover the cost of the checkups.

In response to the media attention and negative publicity, Westfield Culver City Mall released the following statement: “We are currently investigating this customer’s complaint internally and have been in contact with the customer. We take sanitary issues very seriously and are still very surprised about this claim.”

At this point in time, the mall’s food court remains open, but it is unlikely that Ms. Choi or her daughter will ever be going back for another meal, telling KTLA 5: “Any person in their right mind would not go back to that court for a very long time."

One online commenter, Jarm, has revealed that this might not be the only bad thing about this mall, writing: “Yikes, this mall is close to my home. I don't go there, not because of the food, but it has a very weird vibe to it and have had issues with groups of unruly people.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: CBS LA

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