Mom Worried When Sons Come Home With Headaches; Discovers School Lunches Are The Reason

A mom in Virginia sent her children off to school as usual, but one of her sons started coming home every day with headache. Then another of her sons in the same school started getting headaches every day.

The boys seemed to be suffering from daily migraines, and the mother was becoming worried about her children. She did some research to see if she could find the cause, and traced the problem back to the school cafeteria.

Beth Paulette of King and Queen County, Virginia found out that the food in the school cafeteria was causing her sons' headaches. It's not what the kids were eating, but what they weren't eating that posed the problem. Apparently, the boys couldn't bring themselves to eat the food being offered.

According to WebMD, hypoglycemia, more commonly known as low blood sugar, can cause severe headaches. If a child skips a mid-day meal, they don't have the fuel they need to function. They can have difficulty thinking and concentrating, may become dizzy, confused and distracted.

Paulette has pictures of burned food. One item in a tray being offered was charred beyond recognition-- Paulette later discovered they were supposed to be ribs. The kids were suffering headings due to hunger and low blood sugar because they couldn't eat the disgusting foods being served by the cafeteria staff.

Other students agree. "It looked so unappetizing I could not bring myself to try it at all," said Precious Jackson, another student at the school, to CBS 6 News.

Melissa Hipolit, a CBS 6 reporter, called the superintendent and asked, "Would you want the children here eating food that looked like that or being served food that looked like that?"

"Of course not," said superintendent Dr. Stanley Jones.

Jones reports that the local district suspended the head of food services just two weeks earlier. He couldn't discuss personnel matters, but added, "If an employee is suspended, generally, it's going to be related to performance."

Suzanne Gilbertson was the employee who got suspended, and she says the problem was not with her, but with the schools. "My cafeteria employees have always been told if you're not going to eat it don't serve it to the students," she said.

A new person was put in charge of the cafeteria several months ago, and Gilbertson says the person isn't properly trained. She claims she attempted to contact Jones about her concerns, but she was told she had no authority over the new manager.

"I was advised that these employees, they do not report to me, as they report to human resources and the superintendent," she said.

Jones said he would be addressing the issue with school staff ‘immediately’.

What the King and Queens county schools are going through is nothing new. Across the country, kids have been complaining about the quality of the foods becoming worse and worse.

Laws continue to tighten, requiring schools to serve foods the government deems healthy and balanced, but budgets continue to shrink and schools struggle to find foods that meet the guidelines. Sometimes those foods are of substandard quality. Some schools compensate by hiring a less qualified staff, and foods may be improperly prepared.

Source: LPT7
Photos: WTVR Screenshots

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