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Mom Tries To Text Daughter - Instead, Has Strange Conversation With Random Man

A dream came true from a man who happened to be off work one day when his phone chimed that he had a text message. "I've always dreamt of the day I would get a wrong number just so I could mess with the other person," he wrote. "Today was that day."

The man was home busying himself with chores when he got a text from a complete stranger. "Hunny please grab milk and lunch [meat] on your way home," it read.

The man knew the woman had the wrong "hunny". He was already home, and his wife and two small children were with him. He tried to tell the woman up front that she had misdialed, but she wouldn't believe him. The man shared the conversation that followed on Imgur.

The woman kept saying things like "stop playing". She threatened, "Jess I need you to grab that or I am not taking you and Brad to the movies tonight... milk, turkey and ham."

"Well. Although milk and turkey sound delicious ham is gross... what movie are we going to see," the man responded.

"Since when did u start hating ham," the woman responded. "I thought u wanted to go to the ['Boss Baby']? Is Brad's parents bringing u home after or do I need to pick u up?"

"I've always hated ham. Sometimes I think you don't even hear me," the man joked.

After a little back-and-forth texting, the man realized the woman was getting agitated, and she thought she was talking to her teen daughter. He didn't have the heart to keep messing with her.

"I am a 35-year-old man from Wisconsin. I swear. I could have messed with you so bad but since [there] is a child involved I just can't bring myself to do it," he tried to explain. "You have the wrong number."

"Stop joking it isn't cute," the woman replied.

The man sent a selfie of himself and his wife. The woman didn't buy it. He sent another selfie later in the day, complete with the milk the lady had been badgering him to bring home. Again, the mom didn't buy it.

The mom lost her patience by late in the afternoon. She started punishing "Jess". In a series of texts, she ranted, "No movie... Also you are doing your sister's chores [tonight]... Ur CC was cancelled... Are you on drugs again. Your ass is out of our home if so..."

Finally, the man in Wisconsin got some texts later in the evening after the woman realized her horrible mistake. "I left work and went home to find my daughter sleeping. I now see I had the wrong number."

But she wasn't texting to apologize; she was furious at the man for her mistake. She accused him of being a "sick pos" who was watching porn, and said "People like u will never change."

The man encouraged her to keep ranting. "This is internet gold," he told her.

"Do u treat ur mother this way?" She asked.

"My mom knows my phone number," he responded. "Sooo... can Brad and I still go to the movies?"

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: YouTube, Imgur

Here are a few snippets of the conversation.

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