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Mom Says Fake Child Protective Service Agent Tried To Take Her Child

Child abductors are every parents' nightmare. There are numerous warning signs from parents who believe they were being stalked at a grocery store or sized up in a mall when they were out and about with their kids.

Authorities say it is actually very rare for kidnappers to snatch children in a public place while they are with their parents, but even the slightest chance of this happening is enough to send fear down the spine of any mom or dad. As scary as it might be out in public, can you imagine a potential kidnapper showing up on your doorstep?

One mom shared a terrifying incident on Facebook that had a lot of parents shocked. A person came to her door posing as a Child Protective Service agent, and demanded that the mom hand over the child. Thankfully, the mother did not comply, and now she is sounding the alarm.

Ashley Bradley says she was at her home in New York with her 9-month-old son last week. The mother had just put the baby down for a nap when she heard a knock at the door.

Bradley went to the door and there was a woman standing there. The woman claimed to be from CPS, and was holding a folder with the baby's name on it. The woman said a report had been filed and she's been ordered to remove the child from the home.

The young mother was hurt and furious when she first got this news. She had never had a run-in with CPS before, and couldn't imagine who might have called authorities on her. She couldn't even think of a reason anyone would report her to CPS.

Bradley took a closer look at the ID the alleged agent was wearing, and at the file she was carrying. It then occurred to Bradley that CPS agents don't just walk up and take children away-- a case has to be opened, and an investigation usually ensues.

"I realized that 1. She didn't have a state-issued badge, 2. My son's name was spelled wrong on the folder she had in her hand, and 3. I have no CPS cases so they would not have been coming to my house," the mom said in a Facebook post.

Bradley demanded more proof of the woman's identity, and says the woman 'got an attitude'. The mom said she was not letting the woman in and was calling police. She went to get her phone, and by the time she came back the woman was walking quickly away.

Just as Bradley suspected, there had been no CPS agents dispatched to her house, and there were no orders to take away her son. It was a hoax.

It's scary to think about because a lot of parents might find a visit from CPS scary, and they might feel too intimidated by authority to question what looks like an order to take the child.

"He said people come from different countries and states kidnap kids and traffic them it does not matter what the age," Bradley says police told her.

The mom has currently sent her son to stay 'with someone safe for a few days', and she's working on ramping up her home security. She warns parents to keep their doors locked at the very least, and always call police if anyone shows up demanding to take away their children.
Source: AOL
Photos: YouTube, Wikimedia Commons/Marine69-71

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