Mom Saw Her Son Was Wanted By Police On The News, So She Turned Him In

A young man in Florida was a suspect in a carjacking and his picture appeared on the news. The boy allegedly stole a car from a senior citizen, and police were looking for the suspect.

The child probably never expected that the person who would turn him in would be his mother.

Romona Gordon, a mom in Broward County, was shocked and heartbroken when she was watching the news and saw a familiar face. Her 14-year-old son, Shaquille Dixon, was wanted with two other teens in connection with a carjacking.

The crime occurred in a Walmart parking lot. An elderly woman headed to her car in the back of the lot.

As the elderly woman approached, three teens approached her. Two surrounded the victim, another pointed a gun and demanded the keys to the victim's brown 2015 Toyota Corolla.

The elderly woman gave the robber the keys. The three teens piled into the car and fled, nearly hitting the woman as they zoomed out of the parking spot.

Photos of the three teens taken by Walmart security cameras were plastered all over the local news. She couldn’t believe that it was her own son that was a suspect in the despicable crime against an elderly woman.

Gordon felt she needed to do the right thing and report her son to authorities.

“It is really difficult for me. I turned my son in," the mother said.

"I do not condone anything like this." She believes he 'needs to learn' his lesson for his criminal behavior.

“When I saw it, he wasn’t aware that he was on TV. I called the police right away and had them come and get him," she says.

When police arrived, Dixon confessed to robbing the 81-year-old woman at gunpoint. The three young men had been stalking her and reportedly followed her out of the store.

“The boys instigated and all of that,” said Gordon. “His grandmother is the same age [as the victim]!"

"And that’s what I said to him — ‘That’s like the age of your grandma. How could you?'”

Police are still searching for the other two teens who were involved in the carjacking. Thus far, they have not come forward, nor has anyone turned them in.

Gordon wonders why they are trying to prolong the inevitable when they have been caught red-handed.

“Where are they going? What is the future for that kind of kid?” Gordon wondered.

Dixon is facing felony carjacking charges.

A parent’s first instinct is usually to protect their child, but when your child is the one other people need protection from, it’s a different story. It was a hard decision that Ms. Gordon had to make, and there are a lot of parents who might have chickened out of doing the right thing.

In the long run, though, her child is young, and from this early brush with the law he might realize that crime doesn’t really pay. Hopefully, this will be a learning opportunity to set the boy on a straighter path.

You have to give credit to a mom who did such a hard thing in hopes that it will benefit everyone.

Source: Rare, Broward Sheriff's Office/Facebook
Photo: Broward Sheriff's Office, Mad World News

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