Mom Wants To Thank Good Samaritan Personally, But Do-Gooder Remains Anonymous

An Alabama mom was not just having a bad day; she was having a bad year. Her health had been failing and she'd recently undergone a series of major surgeries. She wasn't 100% yet, and the bills were piling up.

Things were tight for the family and she didn't know what she was going to do. Then a generous stranger left something for her, and now the mom is searching for the Good Samaritan.

Melissa Simms, a Pell City mom, had been recovering from major surgeries and needed to go to the doctor one day for a follow-up appointment. With a husband, kids and her family under tremendous financial strain, she wasn't surprised when things started going downhill for her.

She just didn't know what she was going to do.

Simms' son, Trey, was sick that day, so the mother decided to drag him along to the doctor's office with her. She knew she had to figure out something for dinner for the kids, but the cupboard was bare, and her purse was empty.

"Me and my husband woke up and split our last ten dollars for gas, for him to go to work and for me to make it to my doctor's appointment," Simms said. "All day I was stressed about how am I going to make supper for my kids."

When Simms got to the doctor's office, she got more bad news. She didn't have enough for the co-payment. She struggled to recompose herself and work it out with the receptionist, but the day was going from bad to worse.

Simms did get to see the doctor, thankfully. She went in while Trey sat in the waiting room listening to music. While he was there a stranger approached him and handed him an envelope.

The woman told the young man to give it to his mother.

After Simms got out of the office, she told Trey to come along and headed straight for the car. Trey followed and told her he had an envelope for her. He explained that a woman gave it to him and told him to pass it on to his mother.

Simms was curious about the envelope, but didn't think much of what could be in there-- another bill? A Bible tract? An advertisement?

When she opened it, however, she was shocked. There was a hand-written note that read, "I've had days like you're having today. Hang in there."

The note included the Bible passage Joshua 1:9: "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

It also contained a crisp, new $100 bill. Simms was stunned. Tears immediately sprang from her eyes.

"It is a complete feeling of peace, just like everything is going to be OK," said Simms.

The mom was able to make her copayment, buy food to make dinner for her five kids, and she was able to pick up a few other much-needed things.

The good deed the woman did turned everything around for Simms that day, and now she's looking for the Good Samaritan.

"I don't know what she looks like, I don't know her name, but I hope I get to meet her to say thank you," said Simms.

"If I would have known what it was, I would have told her thank you," said Trey.

"It's the kindest thing that's ever been done," said Simms. "Truly from the bottom of my heart I thank this woman. I would love to repay it and to pay it forward one day just like she did."

Source: WBRC
Photo: RightWingNews

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