Mom Kidnapped with Her Baby And Left Tied Up On Dead-End Road

The end of a scenic old country road might be a nice place to go for a picnic, or some bird watching. It’s hard to believe something so sinister could take place in an area of such beauty.

Unfortunately, some criminals would take advantage of that kind of seclusion to carry out their sinister plans. Luckily, for one culprit, the plans were thwarted.

A woman from Tennessee suffered a harrowing ordeal when she and her baby were kidnapped. The woman was found later on a dark dead-end road.

She was outside of the car, tied up, and a pair of men's underwear had been placed over her head. The baby was found a few yards away in the car.

Police in two Tennessee counties are on the lookout for abductors who took a mother and her child, then dumped them at the end of a rural road. The woman and baby were reportedly abducted in Madison County on Friday night, and were later found about 30 minutes away in Brownsville on Currie Road.

The area is largely filled with farmlands about midway between Clarksville and Memphis.

The mother and child have not been identified, but it's believed the victims were taken from their home.

A passerby from the area noticed a car parked in the deserted area and became suspicious. Mark Snipes Jr. says he noticed the car and got an uneasy feeling about it.

“I told my cousin I’m fixing to call the police,” he said. “Something doesn’t seem right.”

Snipes said the lights of the car were off, but the door was open. He and his cousin went to investigate.

"We pulled up and turned out lights on. Then we saw a door open, but we never went up there. We shined our lights, and we told them 'If you're in there you need to come out," Snipes said.

The men waited for an answer, but none came. They went back to the house to report the abandoned car to the police. They told police whoever left the car there ran away.

The Haywood County Sheriff's Office dispatched deputies to investigate and they found the woman on the ground, just a few yards away from the vehicle. She was alive, with men's underwear covering her face.

Her hands were tied at the wrists and her legs were tied at the ankles.

Officers then looked in the vehicle and found the baby, unharmed, asleep in the back seat. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene. The woman and child are reportedly fine.

Snipes said he and his cousin didn't come close enough to find the woman or see the baby. He believes the car had been there for a while. He says he saw them when the ambulance pulled up. He believes the young mother and child are lucky to be alive.

She’s lucky that Mr. Snipes was a vigilant resident and called in the suspicious car. If he hadn’t, it could have been a long time before mother and baby were found.

Sheriffs offices in both Haywood and Madison counties are working jointly to find the suspects and solve the crime. No other details have been released, but authorities are asking anyone with information to call 731-423-6000.

Source: Fox 13 Memphis, WREG
Photos: Artit Oubkaew/123RF Stock Photo, Fox 13 Memphis Screenshots, Wiegand Family/Flickr Generic Photo

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