Mom Caught Common Cold That Led to Deadly Infection and Loss of Limbs

It's called the 'common cold' for a reason-- it's pretty common for people to get the sniffles every now and then. For one mother, however, a cold turned out to have not-so-common results. Her health spiraled out of control and resulted in a deadly pneumonia.

Her hands and legs had to be amputated as a result.

Tiffany King, a 38-year-old mom from Utah, suffered from an agonizing ordeal that all started with catching a cold. The dental technician was living in Springfield and looking forward to her wedding this spring.

She and her fiancé, Moe Fonohema, had adopted one child together. He had two more children from a previous relationship, and King had three. Like most busy moms, she went on with her life, not thinking much about it.

One night she woke up and was having trouble breathing. Fonohema rushed her to an emergency clinic. The clinic sent her to a hospital in Provo, and things were getting progressively worse very rapidly for King. She was diagnosed with viral and bacterial pneumonia and slipped into a coma.

Pneumonia causes inflammation in the lungs and air sacs, resulting in swelling that blocks oxygen from flowing freely. This causes the lungs to start filling with fluid.

Things continued to worsen for King. While in the coma, her liver and kidneys began failing. Eventually she developed sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, due to the pneumonia infection. Sepsis occurs when the body tries to fight an infection and releases chemicals into the blood stream that cause inflammation throughout the body.

King's organs were threatening to break down, and her chances of survival began to plummet.

"Doctors said that we should start making (funeral) arrangements," said Fonohema to People Magazine.

"It was scary, but I knew that she could get through it. She's a tough person and I wasn't about to give up on her. To be honest, we have wedding plans and I knew that we both wanted more than anything to see them happen."

Doctors treated King with Levophed, which diverts blood from the limbs to the organs in order to combat sepsis. King finally did come out of the coma, but unfortunately her limbs had suffered so much from the treatment that the doctors decided they needed to amputate her hands and legs.

King, who was just grateful to survive, said, "Let's do it."

She admits it was a shock to wake up to such a grim diagnosis, and that she was saddened that she would no longer be able to do the activities she loved. "I love to turn up the music around the house and dance, and I enjoy snowboarding and horses," she said.

"So sure, it was shocking to hear that I had to lose my arms and legs, but I know that we'll figure it out. I have a lot of people cheering me on."

King is still recovering and is going through physical therapy. She's learning how to do things without hands, and her family and friends are giving her as much love and support as she needs to help her with the transition.

The family set up a GoFundMe page for King to raise money for prosthetic arms and legs. Unfortunately, insurance won't cover them.

"If I can get enough to pay for those prosthetics, I'm going to work very hard every single day so that I can walk again," King said.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: You Tube, NTV, Yahoo

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